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Our Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads Who Love to Eat

When it comes to fathers, yours always has impeccable taste… after all, he’s the one who passed it on to you. He was the one who taught you how to befriend the butcher and pick out the perfectly marbled ribeye steak. He passed on his gin-tlemanly disposition, showing you how to sniff out a good bottle. He even played with fire – as he gave you lessons in grilling 101. For Father’s Day, give your dad, gourmet grandpa, grill master or work husband a gift that will meet his expectations… and satisfy his appetite.

Show your appreciation for dad with our ultimate Father’s Day gift box, The Superman. Curated finds from across small-batch America will tickle his taste buds, whether it’s smoky chipotle jerky (like those road trip snacks you two used to enjoy), smooth chocolate caramels (spiked with that peaty Scotch he loves), and cheddar munchies (actually shaped like that mustache he grew last Movember). His nod of approval (or bear hug) is guaranteed.

We get heaps of questions: “What should I get him?!” So behold, our Father’s Day Gift Guide, filled with something for every kind of man out there...

For Dads Who Are Bottomless Pits: Snacks

It doesn’t matter whose plate it is, Dad can reach across the table at any time to snatch a French fry, a piece of salami or whatever you left on the side. These gift boxes are curated to satisfy the man who is always grazing...

  • Dad’s Gotta Eat Gift Box — Fill dad up with addictive snacks like crispy bagel chips, crunchy handmade pretzels and rich chocolate sables studded with chocolate chips. The perfect supply for his man-cave.
  • Eat Your Bourbon Snack Box — All of dad’s favorites from marshmallows and cookies to jerky, but spiked with a shot of whiskey. Whether it’s 5 o’clock or not, he can dig in… with no hangover.
  • All the Snacks Gift Box — This is our ultimate snack sesh. It’s got jerky. It’s got sweet potato chips. It’s got popcorn. Hopefully, it’s enough to keep him away from your food.
  • Snacks Every Month Subscription — You know he’s a bottomless pit, so get him a snack subscription and replenish his stock every month. He’ll get everything from energy bars, granola, pickles, popcorn... simply a-grazing!

For Dads Who Appreciate a Good Drink: Cocktail Kits & Syrups

Sure, we know dad isn’t the one who introduced you to cocktails (you were sneaking out of the house for a while before he caught on), but he was the one who taught you to appreciate a good drink. He showed you how to sound semi-intelligent when picking out wine or how to mix a cocktail more complex than vodka-cran. For the man who deserves three cheers...

  • The Bourbon Planner Cocktail Kit — Your dad is a bourbon legend, so boost his bar cart with swanky tools like giant ice cube molds, whiskey stones, a hand-blown mixing glass and elegant rocks glasses. We even included a small-batch old-fashioned mixer and bourbon-soaked cherries to top it all off.
  • Old Fashioned Trio — Dad has always been an old-fashioned kind of guy. Our set from cocktail experts Bittermilk allows him to take a tour around the world of Old Fashioneds from classic barrel-aged to New Orleans and Oaxaca.
  • The Mixmaster Cocktail Kit — If your dad is more of a generalist, give him this set of mixers that can make gin, vodka, whiskey or rum cocktails. He’ll have a hard time choosing between G&Ts, Bloody Marys or Whiskey Sours.
  • Just Add Gin Cocktail Kit — He’s elegant, sophisticated and always with a martini in hand, shaken not stirred. Up his gin-tlemanly game with mixers that feature refined flavors such as charred grapefruit and lime leaf.
  • Smoked Tea Vanilla Cocktail Syrup — A strong, smoldering, complex syrup, tamed with notes of creamy vanilla. It’ll remind Dad of summer campfires.

For Dads Who Are Big Meat Lovers: Jerky and Grilling Gifts

If there isn’t a piece of meat included on this Dad’s plate, he’s not pleased – even if it’s your signature eggplant parm. For the meat man, we have just the Father’s Day gifts...

  • The Big Jerk jerky gift box — This sample of five of the best jerkies we’ve found from all-American makers will remind him of old family road trips. Going forward, he’ll be fueled up with these addictive, wholesome, game-changers.
  • Jerky Every Month Subscription — The most interesting craft jerkies we’ve smoked out in the U.S., delivered right to his door every month, with new finds like salmon teriyaki and lip-smacking smoked bacon jerky.
  • The Grill Sergeant Gift Box — Turn up the heat on Dad’s summer cookout game with exceptional dry rubs, rich barbecue sauces and herbaceous marinades. Come on, kids, light his fire!

For Dads Who Like to Spice Things Up: Spicy Father’s Dad Gifts

Keep Dad’s fire going with spiced up gifts. After all, this is a man who attributes his good health to the fact that he chomps down a whole jalapeño every morning, and is known to whip a bottle of hot sauce out even at restaurants. (Cue your eye roll... daaaaad.)

  • Hot Hot Hot Sauce Gift Box — The ultimate box of small-batch sauces from a smokey-sweet tamarind and ancho sauce to an absolutely fiery ghost pepper and habanero variety. With so many different types, he’ll get to play with fire for weeks.
  • Spicy Pickles Gift Box — For a gherk that bites back, look no further. Dad has always been a notorious midnight snacker, and these fiery picks are just the thing to satisfy his hunger. Hot-headed pops will appreciate.

Gifts for New Dads aka The Papa Bears

For those dads who are just getting started, here are a few gifts to get them through those early sleepless nights...

  • DIY Cold Brew Kit — Brew-it-yourself iced coffee—roasty, toasty and with notes of chicory—comes to any new dad’s rescue. In only one night, a week’s worth of cold brew coffee will be ready, no fuss. (No fuss? Wish we could say the same for the newborn.)
  • The Coffee Fix Gift Box — Small-batch chocolate bars swirled with cream and espresso, power bars laced with coffee grounds and chocolate-covered espresso beans… it’ll keep him buzzed, perked, and java’ed right up.
  • Hey, Baby Gift Box — It’s not all about baby. Healthful snacks and treats will keep pop (and mom) fueled up for those rough first months. And best of all? Everything can be eaten with one hand... while the baby is in the other. (Dad likes the football hold.)

“World’s Best Dad” card not included. Nod of approval? Guaranteed. Check out our full, complete Father’s Day collection here.

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