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Fishtown Pickle Project

These Philly dwellers are fermentation fanatics. In fact, makers Niki Toscani (a dietician) and Mike Sicinski (a chef) even gave out handcrafted pickles as favors during their wedding! 

The enterprising foodies met while teaching healthy cooking classes at their local food bank, where they knew they were destined to become partners in food—and life. Inspired by the creative energy in their neighborhood of Fishtown, they started making and selling pickles as a passion project. With that, a business (and name!) was born.  

Guided by a mission to support their local community, protect the environment, and of course, share good food, Niki and Mike partner with various produce wholesalers and farmers in the Philadelphia area, and use all parts of the cucumber in order to minimize their footprint on the environment. All of their pickles are made by hand, purposefully and with great care, using all-natural, high-quality and fresh ingredients to maximize bold taste and crispy crunch. 

Take their Zesty Sweet Garlic pickles, the rice wine and apple cider vinegar-cured cukes that actually helped launch the company. Infused with warming spices and citrus zest, they deliciously showcase the pair’s penchant for culinary-inspired flavors that largely skirt tradition.  

During their rare moments away from work, Niki and Mike are all about traveling for food, drawing inspiration from various cities and cultures to tie back into their ferments. But no matter how far they roam, you can bet their hearts (and business) firmly belong to Fishtown!