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Artisanal American Cheesemakers You Need To Know

If there’s one thing we love most in this world, it’s small-batch American makers who are masters of their craft. If there’s a second thing, it’s cheese. And who are you to dis-a-brie? American cheesemakers are the quintessential craftsmen, whether it’s aged in a cave or fresh daily from the farm, And we are here for it.

Plymouth Artisan Cheese Company in Plymouth, VT

Head cheese Jesse Werner traveled around the world before he heard his calling to spread the curd. He attended the Vermont Institute of Artisanal Cheese and after graduation decided to buy the second Oldest American cheese factory in existence (that was founded by President Coolidge’s father – it doesn’t get more American than that!). Today Jesse and his crew produce a variety of pure heritage wax-dipped cheddars that have brought American farmstead cheeses into the 21st century.

Vermont Creamery in Websterville, VT

Founders Bob Reese and Allison Hooper met by chance meeting when Bob was looking for the perfect goat cheese to complete a recipe he was working on. They vibed over their passion for craft cheese and supporting their local community, and Vermont Creamery was formed. As a Certified B Corporation, you can rest assured knowing they are as committed to social responsibility as they are delightful cheese, like our favorite little wrinkly domed Coupole.

Cypress Grove in Arcata, CA

Maker Mary Keehn is a self-proclaimed hippy and a self-actualized goat herder. She rounded up her fleet of goats by diligently hand-feeding them grain every day until one day she had a goat farm. With all those goats, cheese was the natural next step, and in 1983 Cypress Grove was founded. Cypress Grove creates some of the most innovative, flavorful goat cheese available on the American market and our team of pickle freaks can’t get enough of their offbeat eats like Psychedillic goat cheese. Dill-ish!

Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, VT

Andy and Mateo Kehler wanted to find meaningful work in a place they love, which is why they started dairy farming in Greensboro, VT and created Jasper Hill Farm. The pastures are grazing grounds for Ayrshire cows, and perhaps more noteworthy is the 22,000 square-foot facility with underground aging cellars, the first of its kind in the U.S. How moo-ving.

Rogue Creamery in Grants Pass, OR

David Gremmels stumbled upon Rogue creamery while looking to source cheese for his Oregon wine bar and was so impressed he decided to buy the joint. His passion for artisanal cheese and his drive to innovate led him to create several internationally acclaimed cheeses that have been recognized as some of the finest cheeses in the world. Our favorite, Smokey Blue, even won the prestigious SIAL Innovation Award in Paris. Smokey Blue was the world’s first smoked blue cheese and, in our opinion, the world’s best.

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