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9 Top-Shelf Cocktail Kits that Dad Will Love

Dad was the one who gave you your first sip of red wine. (Remember? Your face puckered. Grown-ups actually like this stuff??) Fast forward... after one too many college vodka-crans, you finally asked him how to mix a balanced drink. And then this winter, he taught you how to appreciate Scotch. Yes, the man raised you from a young wine-r to a sophisticated adult. (Well, we can at least pretend.)

Our carefully-curated cocktail kits are filled with the most outstanding craft mixers, bitters and bar tools…. they will save you from puzzling over the right bottle for your dad (you know Dad’s already got his favorite brands). Introducing our Father’s Day Guide to Cocktail Gifts...

Gifts for Dads Who Bourb Their Enthusiasm: Whiskey Gifts

Throughout childhood, you bragged about your dad. He was the strongest dad, the coolest dad, the friendliest dad. For the ultimate bourbon legend, who is just as cool now (just a little grayer), gifts are served best on the rocks...

  • Bourbon Planner Cocktail Kit — Take Dad’s bar cart from amateur to verifiable mixologist with tools like giant ice cube molds, whiskey stones, a hand-blown mixing glass and elegant rocks glasses. There’s even a mixer and bourbon-soaked cocktail cherries. (“MY dad can make a better cocktail than your dad!”)
  • Old Fashioned Cocktail Trio — Old Fashioned cocktail mixers from Bittermilk that are far from old fashioned. Each is carefully handcrafted with a bittering agent, a sweetener and an acid to achieve perfect balance. Bourbon barrel-aged, New Orleans-style with licorice and Oaxacan with cocoa nibs. (Dad’s favorite? You, of course.)
  • Eat Your Bourbon Gift Box — A completely new way for a man to get his bourb-on! Bourbon-spiked goodies include fluffy bourbon marshmallows from Florida, bourbon beef jerky from San Diego, bourbon chocolate cookies from North Carolina and more. Dad will eat ‘em up! (Whether it’s 5 o’clock or not.)

Father’s Day Gintlemenly Gifts

Your dad is, above all, a gintleman. One of the first things he taught you is his James Bond approach—always shaken, not stirred. It only seems apropos to give him a gift that’s worthy of his sophisticated drinking habits...

  • Just Add Gin Cocktail Kit — This kit will introduce him to his new favorite tonic, whether it’s charred grapefruit tonic or lime leaf tonic.
  • Small-batch Tonic Syrup by Jack Rudy — Herein lies the secret to a perfect G&T. A carefully crafted “quinine concentrate” from Charleston has hints of lemongrass and orange rind. It’ll pair beautifully with any gin thrown its way, and, mixed with seltzer, it’ll always be fresh and full of bubbles.

Father’s Day Gifts for Clear Thinkers: Vodka Gifts

Your dad is the type who sees both sides of the argument... let’s just say he sees things clearly. It is certainly apt that his favorite liquor of choice is vodka. For this dad, we’d like to raise a glass and say “Nostrovia”...

  • Just Add Vodka Cocktail Kit — Whether it’s a Sunday Bloody Mary, a happy hour Moscow Mule or a casual vodka tonic, this set has the three best mixers in the game, complete with two shatterproof glasses. One for Dad, one for you.
  • Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit — Dad has always been stubborn, right? This set of spicy and refreshing ginger beer and ginger mule concentrate mixed with cinnamon and cayenne (think of the trendy switchel) will liven up his copper mug. Oh, and we included two of those, too.

Gifts for Dads Who Know How to Salsa: Tequila Gifts

Ever notice how Dad (and Mom) never really drank when you were a kid? Maybe a glass of wine here and there... but then you moved out for college, and suddenly Dad is going to salsa lessons, listening to merengue and looking to get his party on. He's still that college-aged guy dating Mom. Break out the vitamin T, aka tequila...

  • Just Add Tequila Cocktail Kit — Grenadine made with real cherries and rosemary lavender bitters will introduce Dad to a completely unique take on the margarita. Fruity and bright, and a touch of char from a grapefruit tonic. We even included craft cocktail salt for his rim.
  • Lime Syrup by Raft — Organic lime juice and organic cane sugar. That’s all. Dad always appreciated simplicity, and this juicy, zesty cocktail syrup will liven up any cocktail... and he can even use it to glaze ham. 

So give Dad three cheers this year. And if you’re lucky, he’ll ask you to join for a round. For more Father's Day gifts, check out our complete Father's Day Gift Guide.

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