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6 small-batch secrets to save Summer...

Time to wake up from that blissed-out beach nap and face the truth: the sun is starting to set on summer. Which, of course, has us thinking about...salad. (Bear with us.)

Here's the thing: Salad can get a bad rap. Maybe you feel like you're always using the same ingredients. Maybe you're tired of the same old dressings. Or maybe all that greenery is making you feel like you're on a permanent diet, with meals to get through rather than daydream about. 

But here's what we think about when we think about salad: A tossed-together celebration of nature, a colorful and vibrant mish-mash, as full of surprises as possibility. Kind of like these last weeks of summer. 

So, romaine calm and celebrate!

That's what we're doing over this tomato salad, inspired by fresh produce from our local greenmarket and all dressed up with the perfect accoutrements (the real reason we go for it): Mellow salt-cured black olives, sweet pickled red onions, pungent blue cheese and pretzel chipsinstead of croutons for crunch, all drizzled with organic extra virgin olive oil and a dark fig balsamic vinegar (like those sudden summer storms).

Honestly, with all these amazing toppings, we almost did away with the veggies altogether. You can do just that (we won't tell!) with our Salad Days taster, packed with everything you (or your weekend hosts) need to stop taking these final sunny summer weeks and all their bright, beautiful bounty for granted. 
Happy Tasting!
The team at Mouth