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Product Of The Day: Honey Bourbon Brisket Beef Jerky

Like a true gentleman, this Honey Bourbon Brisket Beef Jerky is sweet and tender (adding honey to a brisket cooked low and slow will get you that), yet plenty strapping and with a Southern drawl to boot. We’re looking at you Kentucky b-b-bourbon.

While the gents behind True Gentlemen's Jerky don’t hail from Dixie, they sure know how to treat a product right. 

In fact, they’re Californian (read: rugged, tough but mellow and bold). So it's no wonder that the vast, flat and often bland expanse of mass-produced beef jerky just didn't measure up. They needed a jerky on par with their manly excellence – and so, like the true gentlemen they are, they didn't just complain. They rolled up their sleeves and got to work turning their jerky dreams into reality.

The French fry-style cut keeps the consumption classy and its many bonuses (high protein! gluten-free! locally sourced!) make it clean fuel fit for a finer breed of man – or lady.

Plus, a true gentleman can’t be caught with beef between his teeth, so each pouch comes with dental floss to keep those whites pearly.

Y’all are welcome.