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Gifting Survival Guide: What Do I Get My Outdoorsy Friend?

We’ve all got ‘em. That friend who’s the greatest outdoorsman, the natural woman, the health nut. While we’re dreaming of a 5-star vacation on pristine Caribbean shores with piña coladas in hand… they’re planning a week of sleeping on the ground and hiking in the foothills of Yosemite. You might not *totally* understand this early-rising, nature-loving friends idea of fun, but you love them anyways. As the peak outdoor season (aka summer) comes upon us, we’ve curated the eight best (and non-perishable) food gifts for the outdoorsperson in your life...

Up With The Sun!: Granola & Granola Bars

This friend loves waking up at the crack of dawn. (Go figure.) But a full day of hiking, kayaking, rock-climbing or pack-mule-riding down the side of a canyon requires a hearty start. Make sure they set out on the right foot with these breakfast breakthroughs...

  • Banner Road Baking Co.’s Pecan, Cherry + Coconut Granola — Clusters of toasted organic oats, pepitas, sesame seeds and quinoa are mingled with pecans, little dried cherries and coconut chips. In a nifty canister they can hang onto for their whole adventure, too. 
  • Bola Granola’s Barely Sweet Berkshire Granola — Sweetened with maple syrup instead of sugar, this mellow, nutty granola is kissed with sweetness. A light but satisfying start to the morning. They’ll want to take with them on the trail.
  • Yes Bar’s Coffee ‘n’ Chocolate Bar — Imagine the cinnamon-cayenne kick of a Mexican mocha, and you’ve got the flavor of this energy bar that’s so good it might pass for a cookie.

It's The Journey : Snacks by the Handful

Chances are that your adventurer doesn’t live within sight of Yosemite Falls or amid the haze of the Smokey Blue Mountains... which means... road trip! These are all the best snacks, perfect for munching on while keeping one hand on the wheel and avoiding the gas station snack aisle.

  • Pop Stars Popcorn Gift Box — A curated gift box featuring the most a-maize-ing gourmet popcorn from across small-batch America? Bacon caramel corn, fluffy rosemary olive oil, white truffle. Perfect for light carb loading.
  • Giddy Up Nuts — The founder of Giddy Up came up with these snack almonds, in zesty lemon or spicy buffalo, when she was on a road trip to the Sierra Nevadas and developing a bad case of hanger. These all-natural snacks are perfect for the nutsy outdoorsman in need of a quick energy jolt.
  • Nutkrack’s Caramelized Pecans — Satisfyingly balanced pecans that only use three ingredients to reach nutty perfection: canola oil, sugar, and a touch of salt. Buttery, super toasty and completely addictive. Send the nature-lover two canisters, minimum. One can for the way there, and another for the way back.

Happy Trails To Food: Jerky & Energy Bars

As they blaze a trail, or scale a rock face or prep to skydive right out of a moving plane (hey, for them, the sky’s literally the limit), high-protein, efficient-energy foods are essential. Stock them up with a whole supply...

  • Raise the Bars Energy Bar Gift Box — This box is full of energy bars that are nothing like what you find in the drugstore. Think chewy figgy chai nut butter bars, strawberry coconut, ginger peach and more delectable flavors.
  • The Big Jerk Jerky Gift Box — A sampler that features five chewy, savory, mouthwatering craft jerkies. Some spicy, others Asian-flavored, some fiery hot. And all of them are low in calories, low in fat, low in carbs but high in the  protein need to keep a steady flow of energy. If you have a consummate trailblazer on your hands, you may consider getting them a jerky subscription, delivered monthly to their door.

Finally, the nature-lover’s definition of luxury? Our Happy + Healthy Box. It’s got the granola, the popcorn and nuts, even the energy bars, not to mention many more small-batch finds to satisfy the hunger of roughing it. You might even be convinced to join them on their wild adventures... do it for the snacks.

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