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These 8 Picnic-Ready Snacks Are Ready For Their Time To Shine

Hey Boo Boo, let's go get us a pic-a-nic basket!

Everyone loves a picnic! Blue skies, shining sun, views... Well, whether you're hosting at the beach, the park or even your backyard, you want to focus on snacks that are easy to eat, don't require a lot of cleanup and transport well. Good news: These eight Mouth-watering indie picks will make your next outdoor snackathon a, ahem, walk in the park:

1. Stemless Wine Glasses – Kick things off with something to drink - we vote for a good bottle of indie red! Break out Govino’s stemless glasses, earth friendly, reusable and totally lightweight. Perfect for picnics.

2. Kettle Corn Pipcorn – Now, some nosh. Light and airy kettle corn? Pipcorn does it! They pop mini-kernel corn by hand in small batches, with just a little olive oil, plus light brown sugar and a hint of salt. We’re obsessed.

3. Country Style Salami – This Campo Seco from Charlito's Cucina is earthy, rustic, sophisticated, yet totally accessible, and pairs deliciously with a wide variety of cheeses, fruits and spreads. And picnics.

4. Savory Cheese Coins Rustic Bakery starts with three melt-worthy cheeses: aged Gruyére, sharp white Cheddar and classic Parmesan. They're paired with a little organic wheat flour, butter AND cream (yes!), a sprinkling of salt and the best little kick of chile flake to bring it all together.

5. Apple Caramelized Onion Spread – Savory-sweet and kissed with cardamom, The Gracious Gourmet’s caramelized onion and apple spread is a delicious topper.

6. Horseradish Mustard – A. Bauer's classic mustard recipe gets a spicy boost from fresh horseradish, with a perfect texture somewhere between smooth and grainy. A dab of this is excellent with cheese.

7. Organic Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps – Pile and spread it all on thin and crispy crackers from Potter’s, baked with sweet-tart cranberries and crunchy hazelnut, plus a sprinkle of nutty seeds and oats.

8. Chocolate Gingersnap Cookies – Every outing needs dessert. Go for Whimsy & Spice’s thin, excellently crunchy snaps balancing deep cocoa, sweet molasses and bright ginger.

*Bottle of wine not included.

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