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Bleu Cheese Is The New Parmesan

You like Parmesan. You like shaking it on everything from pizza to pasta to popcorn – so why does blue cheese powder sound so… weird? Maybe there’s something about the concept that sounds like it’s meant for astronauts. But Rogue Creamery's Bleu Cheese Powder (aka "Blue Heaven") is anything but Moon food. 

The absolute best blues we’ve ever had are from Rogue Creamery. Other people agree: Rogue won the World’s Best Blue Cheese award at the 2003 World Cheese Awards in London, a first for an American creamery, as well as Best in Show at the 2009 Cheese Society in Austin, Texas (but who’s counting).

So, when we learned about Rogue’s Blue Cheese Powder, there was no question – we absolutely had to have this versatile topper on our shelves.

Tom Vella opened Rogue Creamery in Oregon's Rogue River Valley back in the 1930s. As the business grew it helped small local farms survive the Great Depression. Throughout World War II, Rogue Creamery ramped-up Cheddar production to help supply the war effort, and millions of pounds of Oregon Cheddar were shipped to troops overseas. Post-war, the creamery became a major supplier of cottage cheese to the state’s civilian market.

Next, Tom dove into the blue cheese market and built a cheese cave dedicated to aging blues. Rogue Creamery began production of blue in 1954, and today they’re considered blue cheese whisperers.

Blue Cheese Powder is made with a blend of three cheeses, including their classic, award-winning Oregon Blue. It's a nutty combination of peppery funk and the most incredible creaminess. It’s so good, we find ourselves reaching for it in place of Parmesan – which we never, ever, not in one million years thought would happen.

We shake it onto eggs, burgers, roasted potatoes, pasta and – for a quick “lunch al desko” upgrade – salads. If you’re making chicken wings (you should try these Spicy Gochujang Buffalo Chicken Wings, by the way), a dip of Greek yogurt mixed with a couple shakes of Blue Cheese Powder is a must. 

Put this Blue Cheese Powder on everything and don’t look back. 

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