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Psst… This Whiskey Gift Box Would Look Mighty Good Under A Tree

Once upon a time, New York City was a hub of distilling. Then Prohibition happened (boo!), and even after alcohol was once again legal, it took New York State a loooong time to re-legalize distilling (yay!).

The folks at Kings County Distillery were really the first to bring spirits-making back to the city. Colin Spoelman started “unlawfully” distilling at home as a hobby. In 2010, he partnered with David Haskell to open the first legal whiskey distillery in New York City since Prohibition, while still working part-time in at an architectural firm. Although they started as the smallest distillery in the country, they’re now in a beautiful space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard (not far from Mouth HQ), where they even have enough space to grow a small amount of grain. Their awesome spirits bottled in retro flasks are literally a taste of New York's past.

This Kings County Whiskey Collection Gift Box features an etching of the distillery, which was actually the paymaster's office for the Navy Yard when it was up and running! Inside the box, you'll find Kings County's bourbon, moonshine, chocolate bourbon, peated bourbon and their seasonal spiced whiskey. It’s limited edition and only around for the holidays, so get your bourb-on.

If you want to think out of the box, grab a single flask of the Chocolate Bourbon. Cacao husks leftover from Mast Brothers (another Mouth maker!) chocolate-making are steeped in Kings County moonshine for an amazing combination. This whiskey is great with dessert, but we also love trying it out in more traditional cocktails.

That’s the spirit!