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This One Goes Out To The Condiment Crazed

Know someone who loves a good spice bazaar? Who wouldn’t be caught dead with a dull knife? Who looks good in an apron? Yeah, this one’s for them.

Subscribe a lucky Mouth to Indie-Gredients Every Month and they’ll receive five show-stopping small-batch sauces, oils, vinegars, hot sauces, condiments and spices. You can bet they’ll be inviting you for dinner.

A box we shipped out recently included a Whole Grain Pancake Mix made with nine (!) organically-grown grains, a smoky-sweet Bourbon Maple Syrup to slather the flapjacks in, a fresh and zesty Red Chile Mole Sauce packed with the bold bright flavors of real Mexican cuisine, a savory, deeply flavorful Shallot Safflower Oil and a seriously life-changing Whole Grain Mustard.

It’s a great option for enthusiastic home cooks, whether they think they’re Top Chef. Or they just play one on TV.

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