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Baked, Fried and Smoked Snacks for Stoners

It's high time for snacking and we know just what you need, because we also love to get baked (goods). 

If you’re looking for the tastiest snacks in the joint, you’ve come to the right place. We know a guy...actually, we know a lot of guys (and gals) who are growing, bagging and serving up deliciousness by the ounce. Baked or fried, puff puff pass the cheesy puffs and get the munchies. (Seriously: you should buy our collection of treats called The Munchies…and don’t bogart the snacks, man.) 

Get Baked

There’s nothing wrong with getting totally baked, especially when everything tastes sooooo good – how could we judge? We can’t and we won’t. Instead, we’ll share with you the best baked edibles we have to offer. 

Smart Cookies made by

When it’s tea time, it’s cookie time. And whatever kind of cookies you like, we’ve got ‘em. Our award-winning Mouth-made Triple Ginger were named Best New Cookies and our Orange Pistachio Shortbread were named Gold Cookies (out of all the cookies!) by the Specialty Food Association this year. To make it easy for you, we’ve combined both cookies – along with our Chocolate Sables, which are a Mouth staff fave – into one convenient box of Smart Cookies. Go on, do the smart thing and stock up. 

Cookie Monster made by

If you’re looking for more cookie variety and feeling a little indecisive, you’re probably a Cookie Monster. Packed with sticky icky caramel Stroopwafels, dank Hazelnut Whiskey Sandwich Cookies, rich Chocolate Espresso Cookies, buttery Orange Pistachio Shortbread and sweet Raspberry Cave Cookies (no seeds!), it’s got something for everyone at your bake sale. If you’ve got buds who don’t get down with gluten, snatch up our Gluten-Free Cookie Monster.

Gluten-Free Cookies made by

Wake and bake? Toaster Tarts! Handmade flaky pastry pies packed with homemade jam and glazed with sweet icing are an ideal breakfast…or midmorning snack…or dessert…really, they’re an ideal treat, no matter what time it is. (Do you know what time it is?) 

Toaster Tarts made by Megpies in New York, NY

Imagine a box of pastries so bountiful and abundant that it takes two boxes to hold everything. That’s like a fantasy, right? Well, it’s real: it’s called the Mah-Ze-Dahr Breakfast Box and it’s only available from Mouth. It has fluffy muffins and creamy scones and banana bread that’s truly transcendent in its banana-iness, plus a bag of granola that’s as close as we can come to legally selling drugs. 

Mah-Ze-Dahr Breakfast Box

Get Fried

If you’re getting fried, then you need to get fried pork skins. Light as a cloud and ultra crispy, the rinds made by Bacon’s Heir in Atlanta, GA, come in two flavors: Olive Oil and Black Pepper and Rosemary Sea Salt. Both are kettle-cooked in olive oil for the airiest, crunchiest pork snacks out there. Pack a bowl of these and you’ll be your friends’ kindest bud. 

Fried Pork Skins made by Bacon's Heir in Atlanta, GA

Smoke Up

“Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em” is a thing people say, and we don’t disagree. We’ll get down with pretty much anything smoked – BBQ Kettle Chips made in Chicago, IL; applewood-smoked bacon jerky made in Naples, FL; smoked chili mole sauce made in Portland, OR; smoked salts and peppers made in Louisville, KY. But we especially like smoky drinks.

Triple Smoke Whiskey made by Corsair Artisan Distillery in Bowling Green, KY

Corsair Triple Smoked Whiskey is pot distilled in Bowling Green, KY, and smoked with peat, cherry wood and beechwood for an intensely smoky flavor – and one that doesn’t overwhelm the great rich, big barrel notes of wood and vanilla.

Johnny Smoking Gun Whiskey made by Two James Distillery in Detroit, MI

Farther north, in Detroit, MI, Two James Distillery handcrafts their Johnny Smoking Gun Whiskey. Like the name clearly states this is a real smoker, but not from wood or peat; the smoke in this craft whiskey comes from the addition of Lapsang Souchong tea, one of the headiest black teas out there.

Smoky Whiskey Sour Cocktail Syrup made by Bittermilk in Charleston, SC

Feeling a little, uh, lazy? Can’t find the energy to measure out a complex drink? Shake together equal parts whiskey and Smoky Whiskey Sour Cocktail Syrup made by Bittermilk in Charleston, SC, for one of the best Whiskey Sours of your life. It’s perfectly balanced bitter (from orange peel), sweet (from honey and sugar) and acidic (from lemon juice), with sweetness and smoke from bourbon barrel smoked honey. 

Whiskey Stones made by W&P Designs in Brooklyn, NY

If you’re drinking smoky whiskey, double down on the puns and get stoned. Whiskey stones. Made of Finnish soapstone, you put these babies it the freezer and use them to help your drinks chill, without watering down your cocktail. 

Whatever you’re up to, these are the snacks and drinks you need to keep you from being dazed and confused. Could we be more blunt?