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Yes Cocktail

Brandon Alpert and Lauren Butler took their passion for cocktails and travel, and united them together in an improbable way.

It all started with an international children’s theatre tour that took them around the world as actors, educators and directors. During their downtime, they made a point of experiencing each city’s best bars, gold standard cocktails, and signature spirits, from bourbon in Kentucky to Danish aquavit.

Upon finally returning home, however, they found it difficult to assemble drinks of the same quality to what they’d so eagerly enjoyed. Sure, it was easy enough to procure craft spirits, but the various mixers and syrups required to transform them into a world-class cocktail consistently missed the mark. 

And so they began making their own, such as blood orange and chili pepper mixers, and charred oak and maple syrup. Each showcases the wealth of produce available near their home in Paso Robles, California, but is inspired by their international and state-wide travels. 

Free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup, the products embody the rule of saying “yes” that’s so essential in theatre and improv. Yes to new flavors, yes to experiences, and yes to incredible cocktails!