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Wilder Condiments

This Santa Cruz condiment certainly has beach cred. Not only did maker Isabel Freed hatch the idea for Wilder Condiments during a surf session, it’s an ode to the coast as a haven of sustainable food systems, rich with natural resources and independent producers. 

Isabel grew up in a big family, with the kitchen serving as the central hub of their home life. A foundational love of food inspired her to enter San Fran’s Le Cordon Bleu culinary program after high school, and she developed a passion for canning while working at Pie Ranch, an educational farm that teaches kids how food is grown. She continued her own explorations by turning her backyard into a laboratory, and discovered a particular penchant for mustard making. 

She considers it a great way to get to play with your food, and uses her formal French training and Michelin-starred restaurant experience to put an extra emphasis on flavor. Spiked with lip-tingling ingredients like fresh jalapeno and horseradish root sourced from local farmer’s markets, and infused with golden organic turmeric (not yellow dye), Isabel’s mustards brighten a meal and add a touch of the unexpected to the ordinary. Haute dogs, anyone? 

And don’t panic, it’s organic! Underlining Isabel’s mission to deliver fun without all of the funny stuff, her sunny mustards are a cut above your nutritionally-devoid grocery store condiments, being low-calorie, anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants and vitamins.

They’re what California dreams are made of.