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We Rub You

Sisters Ann and Janet Chung grew up in a household not unlike other Korean families, with a unique BBQ sauce recipe. This sauce was enjoyed on anything from classic, thin-sliced beef loin (bulgogi) to barbecued short ribs (kalbi).

In the summer of 2011, with encouragement from their Korean barbecue-loving friends (“chingoos” in Korean), they set up a sauce stand at Brooklyn Flea’s Smorgasburg market in New York. They sold out bottles, weekend after weekend. It became clear that the city’s demand for the addictive flavors far outpaced the current supply, so the sisters launched We Rub You with original and spicy sauces to better deliver the fix.

We’re so glad Ann and Janet are, per the label, “sharing love for Korean food.” Of 125 finalists, We Rub You’s Spicy Korean BBQ Marinade won the 2013 sofi Award for Outstanding Cooking Sauce from the Specialty Food Association.

Photo courtesy of USA Today.