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Diana Levy has been a serious chocoholic for as long as she or anyone can remember. From stashing boxes of candy in her closet as a kid to working at a Godiva store during high school, Diana has always taken pride in always saying yes to everything delicious. Pair her passion with a husband who advises chocolate companies and three sweets-loving teenage daughters, and it became clear that her relationship with chocolate was meant to be. Diana knew her cocoa obsession needed to be put to work! So after careers in politics and options trading, Diana decided to do what she’s always really wanted to: start her own chocolate business. 

The result, Undercover Chocolate Co., may be unlike any other chocolate company. When Diana started her Milburn, New Jersey-based company, her goal was to make decadent chocolate-covered goodies. But then when her two daughters (and fellow chocoholics) were diagnosed with celiac disease, Diana’s chocolate goals shifted. After experimenting with every ingredient she could find, she finally found the perfect combination: crispy organic quinoa with just enough chocolate. “Just enough” has even become part of her tagline!

“It’s true, I confess. I’m the ultimate double agent: a health-conscious chocoholic!” – Diana Levy