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Torie & Howard

Making lemons out of lemonade isn’t just a saying — it’s how color consultant Torie Burke and interior designer and candle/fragrance company founder Howard Slatkin created their fruity and fabulous candy empire. Though they both had a passion for greenmarkets, regional delicacies, and delicious food in general, they were plagued by health and allergy concerns – particularly, Howard’s desire to maintain a healthy weight. Out of a desire to stay healthy and allergy-free while still indulging in the occasional candy and sweet treats, Torie & Howard was born. It was so long interior design, hello incredible delicacies. 

The dynamic duo set out with the goal to make it easy and enjoyable to find tasty, crave worthy snacks and treats that taste good and leave you feeling great. Their motto is “All the taste without the guilt,” and to that end, all products are organic, allergen-friendly, and a portion of proceeds pays it forward to local and national charitable organizations. 

The company specializes in “fresh from the orchard” taste, which means it’s all about getting maximum fruit bang for your tastebud buck. It’s not just about the taste, either - the packaging from this design-savvy duo is specifically created to be beautiful tins you keep long after the candy is only a sweet memory. Plus, any of Torie & Howard’s continues to strive towards sustainable packaging, as well as using produce from organic farms and farming practices. Sweet candy plus a sincere dedication towards the global community? That’s a dessert that takes the cake (or candy!).