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Ticket Chocolate

Ticket Chocolate founders AmberLee and Andrea stand by the idea that hot chocolate is a hot ticket, no matter the season. In fact, it was during the very sort of late-night conversation that requires a steaming mug of hot chocolate when the idea for the company was hatched. It's a company forged in family (the two are sisters-in-law), and their chocolate embodies that: simple, sweet, comforting and designed with precious moments in mind.

AmberLee has long thought of chocolate as a part of the family: she grew up in the beautiful Maracaibo region of Venezuela with her family of European immigrants, amongst the world's most revered cacao. Naturally, she was surrounded by chocolate lovers and grew obsessed herself, all the way until she moved to Roseville, California with her husband and three children.

Andrea grew up in the California Bay Area, and her strongest memories of hot chocolate come from the holiday visits she'd make in San Francisco, where a hot chocolate was clutched in her hands at all times while ogled toys in FAO Schwartz. She never outgrew her love of all things holiday; to this day she loves cool weather, holiday parties, giving gifts and anything sparkly. Now based in Vacaville, California with her husband and four children, Andrea handles marketing and networking for Ticket while AmberLee handles design/photography and recipes. They create simple, high-quality drinking chocolate on a stick in luxe flavors like Spiced Ginger, Vanilla Mint and French Dark Truffle, using only the most sustainable ingredients, materials and practices. 

The pair brought college pal (and likeminded foodie) Tyler on board to head up business development, special events and holiday gifting. He loves food, but also traveling – which fits perfectly with Ticket's goal to "send" you someplace beautiful, to create a moment to remember, like any great trip.