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Shar Snacks

Shar Snacks

Small footprint, big idea. In search of a healthy, delicious and ethical snack, the folks at Shar (say it like care, fair, and share), figured they might as well make one themselves. 

And they took their task seriously. After joining forces in 2013, the Austin, Texas team literally spent three years tracking down 100% organic, paleo, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients for their small-batch and responsibly-sourced trail mix. The reconnaissance mission involved traveling, tasting, testing, weighing, and mixing their potential additions in a big wooden bowl! 

They eventually ended up with the ultimate 9-item combo, that ticked all the boxes in terms of taste, texture and nutrition, and aligned with their environmental principles. Think certified kosher California almonds, clean dry-roasted Texas pecans (always from the current harvest), additive-free cashews from Vietnam, family-grown, vitamin-rich pistachios, air-dried blueberries harvested at their peak, tart and juicy Montmorency cherries from a third generation Washington State farm, Cape Cod cranberries (courtesy of the area’s infamous harvester, Leo), fair trade Guittard chocolate chips by way of San Francisco, and tropical coconut flakes hailing from an organic farm in Sri Lanka. 

And an abiding commitment to “earth first” sustainability doesn’t only apply to the snack mix. It carries over to every aspect of the company, from the reusable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging, to the 20% of net profits contributed to the conservation alliance. 

We’d say this environmentally-focused company is really blazing a new trail.