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Seattle Chocolate Co.

Out of great tragedy comes great chocolate. When the original Seattle Chocolate Company’s factory (the company itself was founded in 1991) was destroyed by the Nisqually Earthquake of 2001, investor, Microsoft communications executive and entrepreneur Jean Thompson stepped in as Owner and CEO and the rest is delicious history. 

Jean was an original investor in the company and stepped into the CEO role, not just helping the company as is, but continuing to expand its product lines, innovate packaging, and give back to the community. 

In 2012, she founded the jcoco chocolate brand under the Seattle Chocolate umbrella, and the company’s Pink Umbrella Fund has partnered with food banks in Washington, California and New York to make food donations for every jcoco purchase. To date, almost 4 million food servings have been donated, and they’re not going to stop till they reach the 10 million mark. 

The company is passionate about not only chocolate but the communities that produce it. To that end, the Seattle Chocolate Co. uses Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa in 37 of their bars. The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa focuses on addressing unjust labor practices, protecting the environment, and improving the economic situation of the workers and families who farm and harvest the cocoa.

The company also composts chocolate scraps, sells factory “Seconds” (imperfect chocolates), and packaging the entire truffle line in compostable packaging. 

All the company’s decadent truffles and truffle bars are gluten-free, and everything in the product line is kosher, non-gmo, and made entirely with natural ingredients. 

When you want a job done right, find the woman with a heart for helping and a palate for chocolate.