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Puffworks LogoRich Friedman was living in Israel when he discovered Bamba, the peanut butter-flavored puffed corn snack that’s the first sold food eaten by 9 out of 10 Israeli children. Smitten by the light, crunchy and totally addictive puffs, Rich came back to the US, settled in Portland, Oregon, and set his sights on making a wholesome, organic peanut butter puff for American kids (and adults!). The result? Puffworks.

All of Puffworks peanut butter puffs are a powerhouse of plant-based protein and contain only whole ingredients, like actual peanut butter and real chocolate. Oh, you didn’t know that dark chocolate peanut butter puffs exist? Well, they do…and these crispy, melt-in-your-mouth treats are everything we’d been searching for in our quest for the perfect PB puff. 

In order to bring Puffworks wholesome snacks to the largest possible audience (because everyone deserves a giant bag of healthy peanut butter puffs, right?) Rich joined forces with Portland-based entrepreneur Greg Murphy and product developer Guru Hari to spread their peanut butter dream across America.

Pass the puffs!