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Pop Art

Popcorn and pop art have more than a few things in common. Sure, they’re both light, fluffy and widely loved, but they’re also both examples of how a bit of creativity can transform something ubiquitous to something unique. As artsy individuals, Mike and Venessa Dobson saw popcorn’s potential as a canvas and set about putting the “art” in artisan popcorn. At first they freestyled, brainstorming adventurous flavors (like Nori!) and tossing them with air-popped kernels.

Their Salt Lake City, Utah-based operation quickly grew from a home-kitchen and farmers’ market arrangement to a carefully tested recipe prepared in a professional kitchen, bringing out-there flavors to crowds of popcorn fans nation-wide. Even as they grow, they hold on to that homemade appeal. Pop Art uses only organic corn, GMO-free ingredients, hormone-free cheeses and all-natural sweeteners. 

Photo courtesy of Utah Business