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Pickled Pink Foods

Jim Lawlor and Charlie Stephenson set out to create pickles like no other, inspired by their Southern culinary background. They started with a cinnamon-spiced cucumber pickle, perfect for piling onto a pulled pork sandwich, but their watermelon pickle takes their desire for unique flavors to a whole new level. Sweet and well-spiced, it’s a distinctive take on a traditional Southern recipe that is a must-taste for pickle lovers everywhere.

We’re all about this Atlanta-based company’s commitment to both culinary creativity and community development: a portion of its proceeds goes toward supporting non-profit Hunter’s Hotline, which provides confidential hotlines to schools and raises community awareness of youth issues. All their products are hand-cut and hand-packaged in Georgia, the old-fashioned way. That makes two things that’ll make you proud of your pickle choice. What more could you ask for?