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Pacific Pickle Works

Patience is not one of "Principal Pickler" Bradley Bennett's strong suits. In fact, his impatience dashed his dream of making olives – and ruled out the possibility of becoming a winemaker altogether. It just takes too long to taste the fruits of your labors! Thankfully, he found another vinegar-y foodie endeavor that offered slightly closer to instant gratification – pickling!

In 2001, Bradley began making his spicy blend of pickles for friends and family from his kitchen in Santa Barbara, California. What started as a side-project to learn the craft gradually changed over time (much like a pickle-in-progress) into an annual holiday gift tradition. He'd pickle cucumbers, green beans and asparagus in a vinegary, garlicky, dill-y brine and give them out during the holidays. Eventually they became so popular that in 2010 he decided to start Pacific Pickle Works to feed the demand. Partnering up with his friend Emi Umezawa, the duo started churning out their spicy, spunky pickles en masse, aiming to revive the retro art of pickling with a modern attitude.

So in addition to the garlic and spices that make a pickle Pacific, Bradley injects each with a little bit of playfulness (because who wants a serious pickle?). They have awesome silly names like Asparagusto, Jalabeaños, Cukarambas, Carriots of Fire and our personal favorite, Cauli-flower Power (locally sourced with hints of coriander and a lively kick of red chili and jalapeño). 

Pacific Pickle Works is a hit throughout Southern California, and now you can have these dill-icious treats delivered straight to your door.