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Cocoa Sante

Due to their dual positions as self-proclaimed “professional mothers,” Jen and Shannon have gotten pretty good at finding healthy, balanced, chemical-free foods for their family dinner tables, lunch boxes and breakfast spreads.

Thank goodness that they understand the importance of a small dessert, the occasional piece of candy or slice of cake. But they were having trouble finding such treats that fit their dietary philosophy: everything, including fat and sugar, in moderation! Jen turned her attention to hot cocoa, testing recipes and experimenting with ingredients until she hit the perfect blend. And as if that weren’t enough, once Cocoa Santé was born, they researched the best packaging for instant cocoa to satisfy large families (big tins) and individuals (one-serving pouches).

Cocoa Santé sources organic cacao from co-op farms owned by small-scale farmers in the Dominican Republic and South America. Each blend is sweetened with organic cane sugar and finished with nonfat milk powder.