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BobbySue's Nuts

BobbySue Kobren of BobbySue's Nuts in Chappaqua, NYCome follow us on a little visual journey. Imagine an animal shelter. Got it? Now, put it on the moon. We lost you didn’t we? Well, in the mind of Barb Kobren (a.k.a. BobbySue) this idea isn’t too far fetched. With an unrelenting love of homeless animals, a giant lunar colony for animals would be her dream accomplishment. But sometimes reality gets in the way of our far-fetched dreams… house training a dog is one thing, but try moon training. Zero gravity would really be a mess. BobbySue found herself scratching her head in an “Aww, nuts” moment.

She stopped and took that thought literally... nuts! Armed with an age-old family recipe for savory-sweet nuts, she started small in the town of Chappaqua, NY, going market to market with her tasty new product. BobbySue’s respect and love for animals extends to all living things, which means that every ingredient in their secret recipe is carefully sourced. The egg whites for the meringue are from cage-free chickens. Every almond, cashew, and pecan is handled with the utmost care and sourced from non-GMO farms. You can taste it in every bite, whether it’s her Everything Goes Nuts (a favorite bagel seasoning) or Some Like It Hot (sweet and spicy). Gosh, we love a maker who enjoys a good pun as much as we do.

True to BobbySue’s passion, a portion of all proceeds is donated to help animals in need, and the company has helped thousands of dogs and cats. The next goal on her checklist? A BobbySue balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade anchored by a pickup truck filled with animals ready for adoption. The moon will just have to wait.