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Asha Pops

Mother knows best! Especially in the case of Asha Farswani, who revolutionized preservative-laden puffed snacks by creating a healthy alternative, in line with the ancient Indian holistic dietary code, Ayurveda.

Having grown up in the hills of Western India, following a strict vegetarian diet featuring Ayuverdic ingredients (believed to create balance of body, mind and consciousness, and promote natural healing), Asha often nibbled on popped water lily seeds; a gluten, corn and soy-free superfood. So when a doctor prescribed magnesium pills for trouble sleeping a few years ago, she turned to the seeds as a natural supplement instead, just as she used to do while fasting, as well as during her four pregnancies. 

While nothing new to Asha, the airy, crunchy, protein-rich seeds captured the attention of her son, Jai, who recognized them as the perfect snack for the health-conscious consumers of Los Angeles. So while a mother-son water lily company seemed an unlikely diversion from his job at an aviation finance firm, Jai proved astute for taking a chance on AshaPops, which made its debut at the Marina Del Rey farmers market, and quickly expanded from there. 

For many of us, the mere thought of working with a parent is enough to upset our body/mind balance. But Jai insists they’re the perfect team, with his role as a numbers-oriented logical thinker, complimented by Asha’s high emotional intelligence and creativity. There’s no question that Asha is brimming with emotional she’s essentially harnessed nature, in order to serve a population that’s increasingly time-constrained, allergen sensitive and/or nutritionally in need. And she’s clearly creative too, as her crispy clouds come in all sorts of unexpected flavors, from chili-lime and turmeric, to dark chocolate and vegan cheese!

That’s why we’re giving major props to Asha’s pops, for ingeniously transforming snack foods into superfoods.