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Tim and Summer Parsons quite literally grew their hot sauce business by accident. Raising their family in the Kīhei area of Maui, the two had chosen to home school their children, and part of the curriculum included starting a small garden. Given the tropical climate, hot peppers were a natural edible to plant, and before they knew it, there were more jalapenos than they knew what to do with! 

In an effort to, well, use them up, Tim began to experiment with homemade hot sauces. Soon, family and friends were begging for a share of the liquid fire, and during meal time, the Parson family could easily (and often) go through a whole bottle.

The young company is very much a family affair. They grow most of their peppers themselves, but have started to source some of the peppers from neighboring backyard farms and a few local farmers to supplement their own crop.

Production is completely done by the couple. Tim cooks and bottles, while Summer handles the cleaning and sanitizing of the bottles, and they work in batches ranging from 6 to 224 gallons, depending on the crop yield. The kids are right in the mix too, helping with packaging, sorting, de-stemming, and, of course, getting good and dirty in the garden itself. 

While the super freshness of the tropical peppers is partly responsible for how tasty these sauces are, we’re also convinced you can literally taste all that love in every single bottle.