Pickled Beets

Pickled Beets


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Mouth says...

Put those memories of sad, soggy salad bar beets far behind you—Olympia Provisions has come to the rescue. Unlike many a canned beet, when you open up this little jar, a burst of fresh spice and bright vinegar hits your nose. Popping one of the little beets into your mouth (noticeably not crinkle-cut), your tongue tingles with red wine vinegar and the heat of ginger. (Think of zesty pickled ginger that you'd find at a good sushi restaurant.) That tingling gives way to warm baking spices that linger with you for a moment... until you pop another one in your mouth and start the whole experience over again.

Olympia Provisions originally started out specializing in salumi, creating deftly spiced cured meats. But as their meats became more popular, they wanted to create other foods to pair alongside them. Turns out meat isn't the only thing they can skillfully preserve.

Tip of the Tongue:
Although they are dill-icious on their own, take a note from Olympia and pair them on your favorite charcuterie board. Next to a rich pork pâté, they would be a dream. Or pat some of the excess moisture off of the beets and place into a sandwich or burger... a welcome substitute to your standard pickle chips.


Beets, red wine vinegar, white wine, sugar, salt, red onion, garlic, ginger, spices and calcium chloride (a natural salt).

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