Bar Spoon

Bar Spoon


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Mouth says...

We feel so...fortunate to have so many bartender buddies in our lives (professional or hobbyist!) and to know countless cocktail-obsessed indie makers. Yes, you could say we were born with a silver bar spoon in our Mouth.

Well, Brooks Reitz has caused quite a stir at Mouth HQ with yet another invaluable tool for our bar cart: the Jack Rudy Bar Spoon.

Just under 12 inches long so it can reach into even the tallest tumbler or collins glass, this stainless steel spoon was custom-designed with a twisted handle, teardrop top and bowl that measures out approximately 1 teaspoon.

Can you handle the excitement?

A bar spoon is actually an essential tool for all cocktails that you build in the glass (i.e. the easiest cocktails to make, ever), because you need to be able to gently – but thoroughly – mix up the ingredients and cool down the drink. A regular spoon just isn't the right shape for that. Plus, we've all accidentally dropped a teaspoon into a tall, full Collins glass, right? No fun at all.

did you know?

James Bond’s order for a vodka martini “shaken, not stirred” is a debated if not odd request. Martinis are typically stirred; many in the cocktail community argue that shaking “bruises” a spirit, which basically means it’s aerated or diluted by ice fragments in a way that changes the resulting drink’s texture and makes it cloudy in the glass.

tip of the tongue

Our favorite way to use this spoon right now is to make visually stunning layered shots, like the One-Two Rum Punch. Pour 1 oz rum-based Organic Fruitlab Orange liqueur into a narrow shot glass or shooter, then set the tip of the bar spoon against the wall of the glass and slowly pour in 1 oz California Agricole Rum over the back of the bowl. The rum should sit in a nice clear layer above the orange liqueur.


Engraved stainless steel. Measures 30 cm in length.


Engraved stainless steel. Measures nearly one foot in length.

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