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A Field Guide to America’s Weirdest Pickles

Pickles have been one of the world’s most nosh-able snacks since 2030 BC. Not only are they totally delicious – newsflash: they’re also a great way to preserve food for long periods of time. These days, pickling has become more of an art form than a means of keeping your veggies fresh – and we’ve got a round up some of the weirdest and most interesting pickles around to prove it. Pickle freaks, it’s time to take your addiction to the next level. Brine art, if you will...

Pickled fruit

Yep, that’s right: pickled fruit is totally a thing. If you limit your pickle consumption to veggies, you’ll be missing out on a world of flavor. Pickled fruit is the perfect accompaniment to rich meat dishes and cheese and charcuterie boards, but honestly, we’re not above eating it right out of the jar with a fork. Pickled watermelon and pickled peaches will bring the flavors of the south to any barbeque (backyard grill not required!), while sweet and tart vanilla pickled cherries are primed to be the sleeper hit of your summer salads (or, if you’re more into cherry tomatoes, those are totally pickle-able, too). And if you want to try something really unexpected, we present for your consideration: pickled blueberries—or as we like to think of them, nature’s Gushers, for the way their flavor explodes in your mouth. Satisfy your sour tooth by spooning them over vanilla ice cream. Can’t choose? We’ve got a box for that

Boozy brines

Ask any Bloody Mary drinker – pickles and cocktails are a total power couple. So it makes sense that our genius picklers around the US took that relationship to the next level by adding booze to the brine. For 007, we’ve got gin pickles, AKA the dirty martini of the snack world. For the beer-minded, hoppy pickles are brined with a bit of craft brew, making them the perfect addition to burgers, brats, or, come to think of it, beer. 

Next level spices

The beauty of a brine is that it’s an ideal blank canvas for any kind of spice your heart desires. So if you left said heart in Chesapeake Bay, you’ll fall hard for Chesapeakles, which bring all the flavors of Old Bay spice mix to pickle spears. They might make you a little crabby – but only in a good way. If you’re pining for the Lower East Side, have we got a nosh for you: Bread and butter everything bagel pickles, no schmear required. On the spicier side, a bit of ginger lends a sinus-awakening kick in these spicy ginger fennel pickles, a shortcut to gourmet city (population: your previously boring burgers). 

When it comes to pickles, a little weirdness is a beautiful thing.