Why Mouth?

Mouth? What happened to New York?

We love New York! In fact, the idea for New York Mouth was born and raised in Brooklyn, where we were first inspired by the talented indie food makers all around us. 

But after a year of focusing on mostly local products, it is clear to us that “indie” is not about a place. It’s about passion, entrepreneurship, craft and, of course, taste. Indie? Food made by people, not companies. And this indie food movement is happening across the U.S., not just in our backyard.

So we’ve spent months hunting around the country for the absolute best products you’ve never heard of. Pickles from Denver. Creamed honey from Tennessee. Stone-ground chocolate from California. Small-batch marshmallows from Florida. The list goes on. 

Hence: We’ve changed our name from New York Mouth to MOUTH. (Cue balloons and confetti.)

We’re the same small (but growing) group of friends who love tasting things on little wooden spoons. And we’ve still got heaps of delicious stuff made in and around New York. But now you’ll be able to discover hundreds of new goodies from all over that we’ve just added to Mouth.com. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.