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Mouth's Guide to Making Better Coffee

Here are Mouth, we can't get through our mornings without copious amounts of Joe. And since we're a bunch of beverage freaks, we share advice about how to make the perfect cuppa with each other all the time. In the spirit of sharing, here are seven great ways to brew better....
1. Coffee shouldn’t taste like paper: If you use a paper filter, rinse it with hot water just before brewing to
get rid of that undesirable flavor.
2. Tap out! No judgment on your tap water, but even if it tastes great, it could have particles that don’t
just affect the taste of your coffee, but also create extra build-up on your equipment. So we suggest
using filtered water.
3. Like it hot: If possible, keep the water between 205 and 210 degrees. If your brewing water is too cold
(a common problem in drip machines) there’s really not much you can do – but paying special attention
to the next suggestion might help.
4. Preheat everything! Run hot water through filters, and pre-heat carafes, Chemexes, press pots and
mugs. This will keep your coffee hot, and also might even help ensure that your water stays at the right
temperature for the best flavor extraction.
5. Keep it clean: Coffee oil builds up on equipment over time, and it can be hard to clean the metal parts
of thermal carafes, thermoses or press pots, for example. We’ve had great luck with a paste made from
powdered dish detergent followed by a rinse with boiling water.
6. Be kind to your beans: Store them in a cool, dark place, tightly sealed. It really does make a difference,
especially if you’re not using them right away.
7. Don’t let it linger: If your brew-method of choice either stays in contact with the grinds (like a French
press) or sits on a heat source (some drip machines), immediately transfer your brewed coffee to a
thermal carafe. That way, it will taste equally awesome with every sip!