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  • Brew the Best Homemade Iced Coffee To Jumpstart Your Morning

    Make a morning iced coffee better than any green-aproned, ironic-glasses-wearing barista out there.

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  • Our Delicious Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Mom

    Give mom gifts that are as sweet (or spicy, or savory...) as she is this Mother's Day.

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  • Top Gifts for Administrative Professionals Day to Show Your Heartfelt Appreciation

    Thoughtful gifts for your office superheroes that are waaaay better than new office supplies.

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  • The 5 Hottest Gourmet Hot Sauces to Turn Up the Heat in Your Kitchen

    If you can stand the heat, then get into this kitchen and try these fiery sauces.

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  • A Gift Guide Based on Which Game of Thrones Character You Are

    Great taste is coming… right to your door.

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  • You’re Hosting Passover For The First Time? Oy.

    With this handy Passover hosting guide, you’ll be the baleboosta we know you were meant to be.

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  • Easy Easter Cocktails That You Can Drink All Spring Long

    The most important part of Easter brunch is what’s in your glass

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  • The 10 Strangest Food Trends in 2019

    Gold, rainbows, bugs... literally everything is showing up on our plates with these 2019 food trends.

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  • The Bridesmaid Gift Ideas that Any Girl Will Love

    You forgot your vows on your hotel nightstand. The best man just showed up but his pants need to be...

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  • Homemade Easter Brunch Ideas That’ll Have You Hopping Out of Bed

    The only reason we'd hop out of bed early on a holiday is delicious food.

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