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Our Christmas Morning Survival Kit. Batteries Not Included.

It's been a great morning but a long one. You know the one. 

You folks who were up all night hunting for AAA batteries and tape definitely need a good, strong Bloody Mary. With Gordy’s Bloody Mary Mix, all that’s needed is a splash of vodka and a Pickled String Bean for garnish (dare you to not eat it – or the whole jar – before you finish the drink). Stoke the fire and enjoy the best morning cocktail ever.

Then woo the little ones away from the toy loot with a warm mug of Cocoa Santé’s Malted Vanilla Hot Chocolate stirred with a peppermint stick. They'll be distracted long enough so you can breathe, check to see if the snow is sticking, collect all that torn wrapping paper and sneak another string bean.

Keep your new furry slippers on and pour some Sumatra Permata Gayo coffee because you know they’re waiting for you to make pancakes. This Whole Grain Mix made by My Friend Who Loves To Cook (no, not that friend, we mean the name of the maker from Tennessee) is our secret weapon – easy-peasy to mix up and made with nine organically grown whole grains. It’s so good you don’t even need to bother with bananas – just serve them with Bobo’s, easily the best Vermont maple syrup out there. Set out some yogurt with Maple Pecan & Coconut Granola, a few scones or slices of toast and this Black and Blue Jam. And mix another Bloody Mary.

This tasty Winter Morning Kit makes a standout holiday gift for Christmas or New Year’s Day. Assuming you find the batteries.

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