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How To Celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day In Your Office

Administrative Professionals’ Day is coming up on April 22nd! Have you made plans, yet? Seriously, the “holiday” is a huge chance to improve employee engagement. Everyone knows that admins are the backbone of your whole operation, right? Need last-minute travel booked for the COO who forgot to mention that convention in San Francisco? They got you. That huge presentation you needed extra help with before sending off to the client? They stayed with you until the last FedEx pickup. Forgot the CEO was coming in for an afternoon meeting? No worries, they already booked the conference room and ordered lunch. 

Administrative professionals work diligently behind the scenes to make work life easier. So let them know they are seen. But what to get for the person that does so much and asks for so little? 

Tea Business Gift

For The Admin Who Could Use A Break: Positivi-Tea

Our curated tea tasting kit features soothing artisanal teas, small-batch matcha and seasonal honeys that really put the tea in teamwork.

Iced Coffee Business Gift

For The Admin With No Chill: Iced Coffee Kit

This set comes with a NOLA-style Cold Brew Kit that’s perfect for the admin who is always buzzing around. The metal straws and swanky tumbler will keep a drink cold for 9 hours making it ideal for someone who could use a little....chill.

Tequila Business Gift

For The Admin Who Deserves A Toast: Just Add Tequila Cocktail Kit

This kit of swanky mixers is ready to party. Perfect for the admin who earned the chance to cut loose from you demanding people. (If you’re lucky, they’ll share.)

Snack Subscription Business Gift

For The Admin You Can’t Thank Enough: Best of Mouth Subscription Box

They deserve the best. The sun, the moon and the stars. But you can do your best by giving them...the chips, the cookies and the chocolate. Gift them a monthly box of the absolute best snacks to cross our tasting table all year. 

Don’t get caught empty-handed! Mouth’s corporate concierge team can help with your Administrative Professionals’ Day plan. Email us a today!