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What The Fluff?! 

Here at Mouth, we’ve spooned our fair share of small-batch peanut butter. Melted countless handmade marshmallows over campfires. Even spread creamy PB on our s’mores. So when this indie fluffernutter hit our tasting table, the totally addicting combo-in-a-jar caused quite the kerfluffle. 

Leave it to an indie maker to reinvent the Fluffer Nutter sandwich from our childhood lunchbox, with a mesmerizing swirl of organic peanut butter and a ribbon of creamy marshmallow fluff! Katie Hayman is a certified peanut butter fanatic who now lives in Portland, Oregon, but still calls the Midwest home. There, she grew up eating “Fluffer Nutter” sandwiches – peanut butter and marshmallow fluff – at lunch, after school, late at night. Once she headed to college in Boston, the unofficial home of marshmallow fluff (it was invented in 1917 in Somerville, Massachusetts, where there’s even an annual Fluff festival every September), Katie knew this was a bigger deal.

Out in Portland, marshmallow fluff is hard to come by – apparently food trends move quickly from the coasts inward, and not so much the other way around. A lot of peanut butters in Katie’s grocery store aisles contain ingredients she just can’t stick with. So Katie swirls organic peanut butter with a creamy, homemade marshmallow fluff, all while working as a portfolio manager for NIKE (brings new meaning to her employer’s logo, “Just do it!”).

Over the years, we’ve spread and spooned up plenty of small-batch peanut butter. We’ve melted our fair share of handmade marshmallows. Kerfluffle’s addicting combo-in-a-jar is causing quite a kerfuffle around here. Slathering on pancakes, swirling into oatmeal or spreading on plain ol’ toast will have you instantly obsessed. We also completely support eating this sticky stuff straight out of the jar. (Refrigerate after opening for optimum spreadability!).

And if you like chocolate, there’s Katie’s S’mores Fluffernutter: Each jar of this fluffy stuff is a mesmerizing swirl of organic peanut butter, creamy marshmallow and sweet milk chocolate chunks. Spread S’mores Fluffernutter on graham crackers, of course, but fluff to your heart’s desire! Try it with sliced banana or strawberries; add a dollop to cupcake batter (even better: use it as frosting); dip with salty pretzels. Also makes a pretty guiltless choice for a kid’s school lunch. We want s’more.

Kerfluffle is a child-at-heart’s dream, and we are in totally fluffed to stock it on our shelves! You gotta try it!

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