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Have Your Champagne Ketchup And Eat It Too

Champagne Ketchup, folks.

Victoria Amory makes sure you won't forget about this jar in the back of your fridge. She’s elevated the humble red condiment to a bright, super-spreadable standout. Her twist – a splash of champagne vinegar – brings out the natural acidity and sweetness of tomatoes.

Victoria’s goodies look like they were designed with royalty in mind, so it's no surprise that she herself hails from a blue-blooded brood. Her parents happen to be the count and countess de la Maza – actual, real-deal Spanish nobility. Growing up between cosmopolitan Madrid, bucolic Sevilla and the cultivated corridors of an English boarding school, Victoria picked up not only a penchant for the finer points of entertaining, but for finding the nuances of elegance in even the most everyday things. Like ketchup.

Hints of roasted garlic and olive oil make this our go-to dip for herb-roasted oven fries and sweet potato fries. And it’s obviously perfect for special meals (think: your best meatloaf!), or to bump up hot dogs topped with chopped white onion. The beautifully designed jar alone will inspire you to bring it to the table.

White tablecloth not included.