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Extremely Useful Gifts to Make New Parents' Lives Easier

Having a baby doesn’t just require a lot of responsibility—it also requires a lot of stuff. Yes, baby showers can cover a lot of the necessities (cutesy onesies with vegetable puns, anyone? Kale yes.), but they don’t always take care of what parents really need once the baby actually arrives: staying nourished, staying awake and staying ALIVE while this new little human takes over their lives. These uber useful gifts from our new parents gift guide will ensure not only a healthy, happy baby, but also healthy, happy parents!

So we’re saying no more to gifts of eco-friendly diapers (though they will through mountains of those), retro bottle drying racks (though that millennial pink one sure is appealing) or rash cream (do you really want to give a new parent rash cream?). It’s way more fun to give a gift they’ll remember, a gift that says not just baby—a gift that says you're thinking of the PARENTS, too.

We’ll be the first to point out that we’ve already curated a new parent gift basket, stocked full of snacks and treats to make those sleepless nights a little easier. And we included an adorable swaddle blanket by Pher Designs for the little one. That said, read on for even more essentials...

Perk Them Up

Ok, the new parents hopefully saw this coming, but bringing the aforementioned new little human into the world also brings with it months and months of sleepless—or at best, interrupted—nights. The average baby takes 4-8 months before they’re sleeping through the night, which means lots of middle-of-the night trips to the kitchen and and just as many groggy mornings. So they’re going to need a truly eye-opening gift. This means coffee, lots of coffee, coffee delivered in every form. Bring on the cold brew, coffee candies, coffee desserts or go high octane with our Coffee Fix coffee gift basket. Put the pep back in their step.

And hey! If the parents aren’t coffee obsessed, their routine doesn’t have to grind to a halt. A boost from caffeine-rich matcha is just what the pediatrician ordered. We also have it on good authority from our very own Dani Ostrowe (who just gave birth one month ago) that Dona Chai’s turmeric concentrate is a “lifesaver,” due to its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Fuel and Energize Them

Parents need energy and sustenance just as much their offspring. So it’s time to hit the bar. No, not that bar. The energy bar. And we’ve been able to hunt down game-changing energy bars that use only natural ingredients. No weird chemicals or supplements here! If you know them really well, stock up on their favorite flavors. If not, play it safe and get a variety with our Raise the Bars gift box. The best part about these bars when it comes to new parents? They can eat them with one hand while juggling the little one in the other arm. Other snacks you might consider that are one-hand-wonders are nuts and nut butters (oh-so-high in protein!).

Save Their Soles

Think about all those sleepless nights. What are they doing? Trying to get that crying baby back to sleep. Sometimes the ol’ rocking chair works, but most parents eventually find themselves pacing back and forth down the hall. (We don’t know if that’s a technique, or simply out of anxiety or both.) Cushiony house slippers will give them some comfort… even if they miss the comfort of their own bed. We’re not saying that slippers are going to have them hopping out of bed, but it’ll make it a little less of a struggle.

Help Them Sleep Like a Baby

Repeat after us: Sleep when baby sleeps…sleep when the baby sleeps...sleep when the baby sleeps. It’s a mantra that new parents have to internalize. They shouldn’t check emails. Or go down the rabbit hole reading every review of digital thermometers. Or even shower. Just sleep. Even if this means 2-4 hour intervals. Pass this advice on to the new parents, and they’ll thank you. To rest the mind and take the edge off, herbal teas and natural melatonin will help them fall asleep quickly and sleep like… well, a baby. At least until the next feeding.

Keep Them Looking Young

When the body is sleep deprived, it’s not able to revitalize. In other words, the mind isn’t able to rest from stress and the body isn’t able to repair itself from the everyday. Sleep also regulates the heart, weight, and mood. The first thing that begins to wear for new parents is the skin, especially the face. It’s hard to hide a tired face the day after a rough night, even with a fancy Glossier concealer. Starting a good skin care routine will keep them looking youthful, even if baby seems to be the only one looking young these days. Plus, a 10-minute self-applied face mask allows mommy to have a sliver of me-time.

Give Them Me Time

When mom and dad are ready to actually get out of the house, give them a spa gift certificate. Of course, grandparents are not always local and it can be impossible to find a sitter who isn’t distracted from their instagram feed. Hire an at-home masseuse via the Zeel app. They’ll send someone right over, complete with massage table and all the supplies. Another option is to stock them up with everything needed for a perfect bath – bath salts, bubble bath, bubble bars, bath bombs, soaps, scrubbers, and a few fluffy new towels that aren’t embroidered with frogs or bunnies.

Clean House, Literally

Babies are life changing. Babies also can transform what was once a perfectly Marie Kondo’ed starter home into a complete disaster zone. Unwashed pots. Piles of whites and colors. Heaps of boxes and returns. Well, there are now countless cleaning services at our fingertips via the phone. Hire a one-time or regular cleaning service (depending on your level of commitment and budget) via Handy, Merry Maids, Tidy, or TaskRabbit. A clean space goes a long way to making parents feel like they’re in control (even know we know they’re not). Let them take back their house… even if it’s pristine for only half a day.

Give Them a Break from Baby

When new parents can finally steal away for their first date night out, make it a no brainer for them and take care of the Open Table and also the bill.If you want to really complete the package, offer to babysit. (That is, if you trust your baby-lities.)

With gifts like these, the new mom and dad will feel a little more human... not to mention they won't feel forgotten in the onslaught of baby gifts. You'll be the one who thought of those unexpected necessities for baby survival.

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