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Trending Fall Foods That Make Your PSL Look Basic

We’ve heard rumblings of pumpkin spice’s annual return since early August. And while it’s been the social media darling of #autumn since before baristas were even spelling your name wrong, this year we’d like to introduce a few new contenders to challenge the PSL for the title of fall flavor favorite.

We know we’re not alone. After all these years of pumpkin spice appearing in coffee drinks to breakfast cereals to granola bars to crackers to — OMG literally — everything, we’re moving on. And you should, too!

Apple cider is delicious you guys. And it always has been. It’s an essential fall flavor that has  somehow been overlooked for a promotion, despite being far senior to pumpkin spice. We love apple cider in its classic form, doled out at farmer’s markets or sipped while apple picking to warm the hands (we lose our gloves too). But if you want to get creative (and trust us, you do), try Apple Cider Caramels with Brandy and Walnuts. Yes, our friends at Little Apple Treats are making caramels from apple cider. We’re excited, too. You can also take a spirited approach to this fall flavor offering, mixing up an apple cider-led mule to enjoy one crisp evening. Or an unseasonably warm evening. Or every evening. 

Chai is an often overlooked but incredibly heavenly flavor to enjoy in fall. The warm, spicy blend makes you feel cozy just thinking about it, but you most definitely want to drink it, too. You can opt for the classic chai tea or spread the love around with chai spiced peanut butter, because that is a thing that exists and we are so, so grateful. 

And don’t forget about ginger this fall. Ginger makes all sorts of welcome appearances throughout fall treats and staples alike. Enjoy it in cookies (don’t mind if we do), almond butter, even ginger pickles (!!). The list is long, friends, and well-spiced. 

Lastly, maple. You flippin’ love it on pancakes all year, but fall is really maple’s time to shine. Call us sappy but there is nothing quite like this distinctively sweet and aromatic miracle flavor, which is probably why you can use it in basically anything. Granola is a classic option, but we also suggest maple halvah this year wherever you’re in need of something crumbly and delicious. Maple pumpkin seeds are a great choice when you crave this sweet flavor but also a bit of balance. know what, yeah — you’re gonna need some maple bacon lollipops. We don’t make the rules, we just state the facts. 

Pumpkin spice, you’ve had a good run, but let’s give a few more fabulous fall flavors the chance to trend. Our taste buds have earned it. Catch you PSLater.