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These Are the Best Cookies in the Country

It’s official: the Specialty Food Association has announced the best cookies in the country and…two of them are Mouth-made! We can’t stop pinching ourselves. 

Our Triple Ginger Cookies took BEST NEW COOKIE and our Orange Pistachio Shortbread Cookie is THE GOLD AWARD COOKIE. Not to brag (too much), but there are four cookie honors and we won two of them. We’re completely blown away, and so grateful for the recognition. (You like us, you really like us!)

Mouth-made Sofi Award-winning cookies

Every year, the sofi Awards (that’s the Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation Awards) brings together a panel of judges from all fields – chefs, grocers, cooking instructors, academics, food scientists, journalists and food writers – and holds a massive blind tasting. How many cookies did they try? No idea. But we DO know they thought that our cookies were the very best. And who are we to disagree? Just kidding, we’d never disagree – we’ve been obsessed with these cookies from the moment the first batch was out of the oven.

Mouth-Made Triple Ginger Cookies

Our Triple Ginger Cookies are everything a gingersnap should be. Some have called them “beyond.” Some have called them “outrageous.” Other words that have been used to describe these cookies: “extraordinary,” “deeeeeelicious,” “unreal.” Oh, but they’re real.

Crunchy, soft and very gingery, each cookie is rolled in chunky demerara sugar, so each has crackly sugar on top and bottom – every bite has an initial crunch that gives way to perfect chewy softness. And that intense ginger kick? That comes from fresh, ground and candied ginger, so there’s a layered, over-the-top ginger from start to finish. Sweet. Spicy. Perfect.

Mouth-Made Orange Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

Our crumbly, buttery Orange Pistachio Shortbread Cookies are studded with toasted green pistachios, laced with orange zest and sprinkled with the subtlest hint of cinnamon and pure vanilla to bring it all together. A protip: have a cup of tea handy when you break these out.

These sliced cookies have a raw sugar coating on the edge, so there’s crackly, crunchy sugar in every bite…but they aren’t overly sweet. With only 8 ingredients ­– flour, butter, sugar, pistachios, salt, orange zest, vanilla and cinnamon (all of which are 100% natural and non-GMO) – they're as homemade as they get.

One of our favorite things about these special cookies is that we got to work with a previous Mouth-maker to bring them back to life! Our good friend and baker extraordinaire, Jesse Floyd, was one of the first makers we carried, but when her career priorities shifted, her cookies left our shelves. We missed them so much and couldn’t stop thinking about them, so we reconnected and collaborated with her – and look where we are now!

All of which is to say, these cookies are really good. In fact, they’re the best cookies in the country.

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