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A Gift Guide for the Taurus in Your Life

Smart, ambitious, trustworthy, hardworking and stubborn… some would even say bull-headed. Yes, we’re talking about your Earth-ruled, buckin’ Taurus. They’re the one who’s always pushing you to start Saturday at the crack of dawn with a high-intensity spin class… as opposed your normal morning laying in bed and scrolling your Instagram feed. They can drive you a little crazy with their intense, unwavering opinions, but in the end, they’ve got your back, especially when it comes to an argument. They’re right behind you, defending that you do indeed know for a fact that the Game of Thrones books are better than the show. And they’re also uncannily that one friend who has been working their way up in the same company since college. They’re always driven to bulldoze the competition.

For your bully Taurus friend, certain gifts will perfectly align with their stars. We present the Ultimate Gift Guide for Tauruses...

To Appeal to their Indulgent Side: Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness

The Taurus in your life isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get to work, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to kick back. In fact, they're experts at kicking back! They’re just nit-picky about how they kick back, spoiling themselves with only the best indulgences. This box of chocolatey riches is filled with the best of the best small-batch chocolate that they can carefully eat, one treat at a time. A few dark chocolate malt balls on Wednesday… two chocolate-covered animal crackers on Thursday. You might not personally understand the method to this madness, but with their discipline, they’ll probably make the box last until their next birthday.

To Pamper Them: Easy Like Sunday Morning Box

Take that bull by the horns and make them relax. They do actually like to work—they’re downright proud they’re the one who gets things done—but for once, take the reins from their hands. Although Tauruses are work horses bulls, they do enjoy a little pampering. Surprise them with breakfast in bed with this gift box. Whole grain pancakes and dark maple syrup, toasty pecan and coconut granola, strawberry-rose jam and an absolutely dill-icious Bloody Mary mix. Yes, they’ll criticize how you made the Bloody Mary and will analyze the minute detail of your granola-to-yogurt ratio, but will appreciate it nonetheless.

To Fuel Their Ambition: DIY Cold Brew Coffee Kit

Your Taurus’ drive inspires, compels and exhausts you. How are they always the friend to show up to every birthday, every brunch, every late-night party, clear-eyed and cheery-faced? They’re always apparently the most reliable at the office, too. And they’re always off to their next big commitment. Clearly, they need to stay caffeinated, and this DIY Cold Brew Kit will fuel them for the ride. Brewing cold brew takes minimal effort before they go to bed, and in the morning, they’ll have a smooth, icy coffee with notes of chicory to grab as they saunter out the door.

To Let Them Horn in on the Action: Bourbon-Smoked Paprika and Black Garlic Salt

Your Taurus simply cannot resist getting hands-on in any situation. Whether it’s digging their hands into the garden, getting messy in the art studio or sinking their teeth into a new difficult recipe, they’re getting the job done better than anyone else. For the foodie Taurus, leave the cooking to them, and gift them high-end, small-batch spices. Within a week, they will have mastered the spices and showcase them in ways you could never imagine.

To Ride on Their Generous Nature: The Pop Stars Popcorn Box

Tauruses do love to share. Always the bull, they are possessive and uncompromising, but good friends fulfill Taurus’s need for partnership. They want to share and look out for you. With this gift box, you two can dig in together to cinnamon bourbon pecan caramel corn, bacon caramel corn and cheesy sun-popped popcorn. With your Taurus’ love of everything orderly, you’ll probably have to go one bag at a time.

To Thank Them for Being Your Rock(s): Just Add Whiskey Gift Box

Your Taurus is dependable. They were the only friend who helped you move cross-city after that terrible breakup. They brought you your favorite kombucha when you caught the flu. They always pick up the phone. They’re just always there. Ol' faithful. Thank them by serving your rock a solid drink on the rocks. Zingy ginger spice mules or smoked honey sours? Your opinionated bull will lead the way.

The zodiac dictates that the Taurus in your life is “strong, grounded, and dependable.” They deserve the best for their birthday, recent job promotion, new home or what have you... even if they can get a little bull-headed.

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