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The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Snacker in Your Life

You can always tell when someone needs a snack, whether it’s from a stomach rumble in the middle of a morning meeting or full on frantic hangriness. The snack attack can strike your co-worker around 4pm after a measly kale salad that you definitely warned them was definitely not enough food. Or you might see it sneaking up on your teenager who’s been editing that term paper for 3 straight hours. Or you might spy your partner sneaking off to the kitchen around midnight when dinner is long past and they want “a little something” for the third binge-watched episode of Game of Thrones.

Yes, the dreaded snack attack. When it grabs hold, it must be satisfied. Everyone gets a case of the munchies...or the crunchies...or the salties and sweets, and it takes real discipline not to cave and immediately reach for our All the Snacks box on the spot. (It’s filled with all the best snack foods from the best cookies to cross our tasting table, shockingly delicious dried fruit, artisanal candies, savory cheese crackers and more. TBH, you should have it on hand at all times for your snacking friends and family.) But for all the snackers in your life, you may need to provide them with more custom-tailored snacks. We present to you our ultimate gift guide for snackers...

What Snack Gift Box Do You Get for the On-the-go Snacker?

We all have that one friend who always seems to be in a rush. They bolt from your brunch table to get to another lunch appointment. They double (no triple!) book their evenings with book parties, dinners and late night cocktails. They speed walk everywhere. They certainly don’t take 10 minutes for breakfast in the morning. No, these people never slow down for anything, especially food.

But what if they could take breakfast with them? And no, we’re not talking about that last sad spotted banana. For the speed demons in your life to keep going at 100mph, a great gift is our Raise the Bars snack box. It’s packed with all the best small-batch energy bars, from figgy chai nut butter to a strawberry coconut and more. But what they’ll love most about these snacks is that they are all quite efficient: high in nutrient-rich calories and definitely portable. So they can hold the bar in one hand while continuing to tap out that business email in the other.

What Are the Best Snack Foods for The Midday Snacker?

Midday attacks can be tough. The midday snacker is often seen pacing back and forth in the office, debating whether they should make a trip to the local bodega or just wait it out until lunch. The hunger is real, and they’re not thinking straight.

For your friends (or business associates if you’re gifting for your coworkers) who experience midday snack attacks, the Office Snack Bar gift box is the perfect emergency snack preparedness kit. It has everything for every craving, whether it’s the most perfectly crisp sweet potato chips, super savory sriracha beef jerky, salty sun-popped popcorn dusted with nutritional yeast, a chewy gooey chocolate brownie or one of the many other goodies awaiting inside. If you’re just a startup with three employees and an intern or you are gifting to an individual, the Snack it to Me box has is a just-right option... not too much food and not too little.

Best Gifts for Snackers during the Dreaded Afternoon Lull?

It’s the dreaded few hours before the last period bell or before the office door is locked for the night. Lunch has hit the stomach and the brain seems to slow way down… anyone up for a nap? Dinner is nowhere close. For these moments, send your favorite hypoglycemic (or just plain procrastinator) the Nut Fix snack gift box. Filled with peanuts, cashews, pistachios, pecans and almonds fixed up with glazes, spices or salts, it’ll satisfy any hankering. But the best part is that nuts are packed with protein, which will boost anyone through until taco night (or whatever they’re having for dinner) begins.

The Best Healthy Snack Ideas for Post-Work (or Post-Class or Post-Workout...)

We all know the feeling of getting home and desperately needing a little something to bring us a quick comfort. We’ve got just the box of snacks to satisfy any afternoon snacker that you know (and all without ruining their dinner appetite): the Happy and Healthy snack box. Totally addicting crackers made with cassava flour, sun-popped popcorn with nutritional yeast, chewy dried cranberries and blueberries, a big jar of gooey almond butter and more. It will hold anyone (from your own kids to your over-extended spouse) over to dinnertime, and it’ll have them tossing the bag of flamin’ hot whatevers down the trash.

More Specialized Gifts for Snackers (who Might Have Specific Diets)

We all know now that just because someone is gluten-free doesn’t mean they should have to suffer sad snacks. We’ve curated the most awesome gluten-free snack box, featuring crispy granolas, craft energy bars, stone ground nut butters, herbaceous popcorn and even more… and everything just happens to be gluten-free. In fact, they’ll have to guard the gift... because even gluten-full friends won’t be able to stay away.

We’ve also just introduced a vegan snack box, or as we say a snack gift box that also just happens to be vegan. Even omnivores will love the chewy fruit jerky (think fruit snacks all grown up), crunchy maple granola, craft popcorn with rosemary and olive oil and more.

For Those Snackers Who Seem to be Bottomless Pits

But what about those people who never seem satisfied? They always have to be munching on some bag of something whether they’re in a morning meeting, watching TV, on the road… it’s baffling. Good thing you have a trick up your sleeve. Gift the grazer in your life our Pop Stars popcorn gift box. Popcorn is the perfect food gift for the grazer, because large quantities don’t pack too many calories. And this snack gift box will introduce them to the most mouthwatering (not to mention unique) flavors on the whole American small-batch scene. They’ll pucker up for salt and vinegar. They’ll go pinkies out for the white truffle. They’ll settle down with a glass, er, bowl of cinnamon bourbon pecan. And bacon caramel? Well, your grazer will go to hog heaven.

For The Snackers Who Always Seem to Have Midnight Cravings

Whether it’s past midnight and they need something to pair with their third episode (in a row) of Stranger Things or they’ve actually gotten out of bed and are now gazing absent-mindedly into the fridge, we all know the type.

But the thing about a late-night hankering is that it must be satisfied or the snacker will toss and turn for the rest of the night. Late-night cravings come in two varieties: salty or sweet. For the salty snacker, send the Pop Stars popcorn gift box. And after all, no snack is more classic than popcorn to pair with late-night binge watching. For sweet snackers, send our Cookie Monster gift box. Vanilla sugar cookies, rich chocolate sables, elegant orange pistachio shortbreads… the only other thing they’ll need to cure a late-night craving is a glass. For the milk.

Of course, if you can’t decide between all these snacksational options, our All the Snacks gift box provides a taste (a very generous taste) of everything. And don’t just gift it to your favorite snackers—you should feel free to indulge yourself, too. No one (yourself included) should ever fall victim to the snack attack ever again.

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