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8 Thank You Gifts for Your Host to Make Sure You get Invited Back

It’s good to be invited. All you have to do is show up, eat your hosts’ perfectly grilled chicken adobo, drink a few IPAs and saunter home without doing the dishes. At Mouth, we’re major moochers, or to put it kindly, experts at bribing our friends and family with mouthwatering goodies. These are standout host gifts that’ll get you invited back before the summer's over...

Host Gifts to (Not-too-selfishly) Ensure You’re Invited Back

For that host who made your evening, or maybe even your weekend, by inviting you to a backyard dinner party or weekend at their summer rental, they deserve a gift that expresses your deepest gratitude... and your deepest desire to come back ASAP...

  • Tasty Thank You Gift Box — This gift box really shows how thankful you are, with indulgent indie treats, such as rich chocolate-studded sable cookies and sun-popped popcorn. It’ll surely stand out from everyone else’s bottle of wine.
  • The Great Guest Gift Box — This is the ultimate host gift for the kind soul who treated you to an experience – friends who let you borrow their coastal cabana, a coworker who invited you to a weekend of lakeside debauchery, your cousins with a house in the mountains. You’ll be top of the list for the next time.

Host Gifts to Help Them Chill Out Post-Hosting

Hosting is no picnic in the park... An hour before the soirée, the dishwasher broke. Or their youngest child decided to dump a bucket of crayons out all over the living room floor. Or they forgot about ice. Little party fires that you didn’t even notice. Give them a gift to help them cool off after those fires...

  • Easy Like Sunday Morning Gift Box — All the things they need to get their day going (or not going!) – everything from whole-grain pancake mix, dark Vermont maple syrup, a spicy Bloody Mary mix and more. Sunday crossword not included.
  • Getaway in a Glass Gift Box — A swanky kit of top-shelf cocktail mixers and bar tools will make them feel like they’re the ones being hosted... perhaps at some island retreat. Complete with charred grapefruit tonic and lime cucumber syrup.

Host Gifts to Encourage Future Hosting

Maybe you want to be more heavy-handed. You want to hint, scratch that, announce to your host that they should have people over again... like how about next weekend? Long-lasting, reusable gifts made specifically for group enjoyment are the trick, gifts that are keepers. Trust us, they’ll get the idea...

  • Black Walnut Serving Board — This stunning hand-carved walnut heartwood board will give them plenty of space to spread out.
  • Geometric Slate Coasters — Time to step up their game with mod, sharply designed slate coasters.
  • Drink Rocks — Marble and soapstone drink rocks will keep their spirits high… and their drink undiluted. These stones are so gorgeously designed that they are just as likely to be displayed on the coffee table as they are in the glass. If you want to go for the gusto, get the whiskey glasses to match.
  • Charcuterie Cutie — With heirloom wheat crackers, mouthwatering salami, extra delicious cheddar cheese, cocktail mixers, and a slate serving board, they’ll need someone (aka you) to help polish off this spread.

With these host gifts up your sleeve, your host will feel appreciated and of course they’ll be more than willing to have you over again. It doesn’t make you a mooch… just strategic. That’s what we tell ourselves anyhow.

For even more host and hostess gifts, check out our whole thank you gift collection for hosts and hostesses.

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