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AirBNB Tip: Be a Great Guest & Give Your Host a Gift

When you use AirBNB, your head is full of questions... Will the AirBNB host actually be a helpful guide, offering advice, tips and highlights of their personal faves? How much food will be accessible? Do you have to bring your own toilet paper? All these are important. But you may be overlooking an important piece of AirBNB etiquette.

AirBNB’s are different from other accommodations in one very obvious way: they’re someone’s full-time home. This creates a special relationship between host and guest that doesn’t exist in the hotel world, and, believe it or not, a unique type of AirBNB etiquette has emerged. No, you’re not expected to tip. But a small expression of your genuine and heartfelt appreciation goes a long way. Since you won’t know your host all too well, your AirBNB gift should be something universally enjoyed. (See where we’re going here?) Read on for the best, tastiest AirBNB host gift ideas...

Our Best-Selling AirBNB Host Thank You Gifts

Yes, while you should leave a handwritten note on your way out the door along with an online review (this is really key), you can also go beyond simply writing your thank you. Our Tasty Thank You Gift Box is a total host-pleaser. Who has ever turned down rich chocolate cookies? Or salted caramel corn? How about the best sweet potato chips that we’ve ever tasted? (And we’ve tasted a lot of them.) Your AirBNB host will be noshing for days.

But that might not be enough. What if your AirBNB host waited an extra 3 hours for you to arrive from the airport after a seriously delayed flight and then STILL went on to give you a full tour of the home with a breakdown of how to use the multiple remote controls (so you wouldn't miss a single episode of Game of Thrones). Or the home had extra fancy bed sheets and a rain shower, not to mention the full-sized Peruvian-style open-fire grill. They were obviously the greatest of hosts, so you should repay them with the Great Guest gift box. Sun-popped popcorn dusted with nutritional yeast, extra crunchy spiced pecans, and a Moscow Mule cocktail mixer… all they need to do is add some vodka. They’ll be leaving you a 5-star guest review in no time.

AirBNB Host Gifts from Your Home State

Your AirBNB host went the extra mile. They sent you an email in advance with all the insider tourist spots that you just couldn’t miss. It only seems appropriate to leave this in-the-know host something from your hometown. Luckily, at Mouth you can shop by state. Traveling from Kentucky? Bring bourbon barrel smoked spices for their pantry. Do you hail from the Carolinas? Ship them cocktail cherries and the single best small-batch tonic syrup that ever existed. They’ll be impressed by these savvy and swanky souvenirs from your home state.

AirBNB Gifts to Ease the Stressed Out Host

Although you might’ve been the best of guests, they’ll still need to clean up after you spilled all the shampoo in the shower, take out the trash and scrub down that Peruvian grill. You’ve heard some horror stories. Your AirBNB host might’ve even told you some—like the time their guests held a college-aged kegger. You feel their pain.

Redirect their attention to your pleasant stay. Our Peace of Mind Tea comes by way of Washington’s Flying Bird Botanicals and the absolutely stunning letter-pressed tin is filled with the calming aromas of lemon balm, oat straw, spearmint, and roasted skullcap (helping to eliminate any AirBNB guest-induced headaches). And from 2 Queens in New York, Serenity Tea is rooibos and chamomile spiced with warming anise, cinnamon and dried orange. One brew will have them sighing phew.

If this was your first vacation in months and the AirBNB happened to include a warm jacuzzi and the plush robe treatment, return the favor of the ultimate relaxation. Our Wellness in a Box host gift box includes calming teas, and more zen-inducing treats such as dark, antioxidant rich chocolate; whipped, spreadable honey (yep, it’s a thing); invigorating golden milk concentrate. They’ll probably hop into that backyard jacuzzi to enjoy and slip into an n-ommmmmm state of mind.

A Sweet Ending to Your AirBNB Experience

If there’s one gift any AirBNB hosts will not be able to resist (or any human, for that matter), it’s our Chocolate Fix gift box. We believe that chocolate, well, fixes everything, Maybe they’ll overlook the fact that you dropped one of their dinner plates. This perfect mea culpa AirBNB host gift box is packed with unbelievably rich double chocolate cookies, gooey brownies, decadent chocolate caramels and more. (That broken plate? Chocolate erases all.)

What you may want to remember is that your AirBNB host is probably pretty similar to you. After all, you picked a place that seemed like your home away from home, with just the right location and aesthetic. You probably have a lot in common! So, traveling people, be courteous and communicative. Leave a kind note and an awesome review for their page. But most importantly, show them your appreciation with a standout small-batch food gift. Now that’s a five-star idea!

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