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AirBNB Tip: Be a Great Host & Give Your Guest a Gift

You’re the envy of all your friends – you have a spare bedroom AND you’re get to travel to cool places for your job! (We’re totally jealous.) So you’ve come to realize you can actually AirBNB your space and earn some extra cash (so you can buy something for yourself on those trips). While there are many necessities you need to outfit your AirBNB space with (toiletries, towels, blankets, how-to manuals for using the remotes), here’s something helpful that AirBNB hosts are starting to leave for their guests: something to eat and drink!

A small display of edible AirBNB guest gifts goes a long way in the hospitality world—and you’ll get that coveted 5 star rating. No need to stock the refrigerator with black truffles or the bar cart with Veuve Cliquot. So put on your best hotelier thinking cap, and prepare the best AirBNB guest experience with a few small-batch, American-made goodies.

AirBNB Hosting Tip #1: Think Mini-Bar

Think of the last time you traveled… what’s one of the surprises that brought a smile to your tired, just-off-the-airplane face? No, not room service... you probably wouldn’t want to wait on your AirBNB guests (besides, you’re out of town yourself, anyway). We’re talking about the mini-bar… especially one that’s well-stocked and complimentary.

Everyone loves a good mini bar. Since you don’t know your incoming guest that well, get a little bit of everything. A Snack It to Me box, offers a range of goodies – from irresistible oat cookies studded with milk and dark chocolate to sun-popped popcorn. Or go a little over-the-top with and leave them our Snack in the Box. It includes a bit more to choose from, including black lava salt caramels and extra fudgey brownies.

As for the bar, you don’t need to buy AirBNB guest expensive spirits. A nice start would be our Getaway in a Glass cocktail kit. Chances are your visitors are celebrating or on vacation—set the mood with a tropical vibe with a juicy lime cucumber cocktail mixer and charred grapefruit tonic. Or our Just Add Champagne kit – they’ll be tickled pink from these ingredients that can transform a mimosas from the typical to the extraordinary. (Real cherry grenadine is nothing like that standard sticky red syrup) A garnish soaked in Woodford Reserve bourbon will be simply the cherry on top. They can also mix up a super easy pomegranate mule by just adding vodka to the mix. Pro AirBNB host tip: Both kits come with unbreakable glasses by Govino, so you don’t have to worry about them accidentally breaking your good set.

AirBNB Host Tip #2: Make It Personal

Maybe your AirBNB guest is coming all the way to Orlando for the first time from LA. Or maybe they’ve left small-town Ohio for your San Francisco loft. You want to show them that the state they’re visiting (aka the place you call home) is the best, go give them an AirBNB gift with the latest and greatest food finds from your area. At Mouth, you can shop our full collection of American-made goodies by state. For that Orlando treat? Leave them handmade bourbon marshmallows. Welcoming them to the Bay Area? Give them a taste of that famous Northern California bounty with fig jam or olive and parmesan tapenade. These savvy and swanky souvenirs from your home state really can give them a sense of place.

AirBNB Host Tip #3: Provide the Essentials

They’ve just arrived in a new city and have no idea where to go for food and they’re hangry. Take the hassle out of at least their first meal, and your AirBNB guest will be so relieved.

Not having to stumble out for coffee in the morning is key. Stock up on well-balanced espresso beans with notes of maple sugar, plum and cocoa. This coffee is super versatile, so they’ll work whether you have a drip system or aeropress. Or if your AirBNB is in New York during the humid summer, leave them DIY cold brew coffee by Grady’s. The New Orlean’s style cold brew is delicious and has the directions right on the can. Leave them a note with cold brew tips so they know to put it in the fridge before they crash the night before.

If you’re in LA or Miami Beach (or you’re just more of a zen type), a fun thing to set out is Golden Milk concentrate. Your AirBNB guest will thank you for introducing them to this antioxidant and anti-inflammatory elixir made with a spicy blend of turmeric, peppercorns, ginger, and allspice.

Go a little further and set out some small-batch jams with some local bread on the counter, or a box of unique energy bars which they can throw into their backpacks.

AirBNB Host Tip #4: Sweeten Their Stay

An AirBNB guest will not be able to resist our Cookie Monster box. Most of us need a sweet snack fix to close out the night. Stock the pantry with a selection of cookies that includes everything from vanilla sugar cookies, elegant orange pistachio shortbreads or rich, chip-studded chocolate sables. A half-gallon of milk in the fridge and they’re set.

AirBNB Host Tip #5: If You Know About Dietary Restrictions

You’re not a psychic AirBNB host. You can’t anticipate their allergies or dietary restrictions. But, if you did find out in your back and forth exchange that your AirBNB guest is gluten-free or vegan, surprise them (aka blow their mind) with a Gluten-Free snack box or Vegan snack box. The options in these boxes are so delicious that, even though you might be a complete omnivore, you’ll be tempted to steal a snack before they arrive.

The most important thing to remember is that your AirBNB guest is probably pretty similar to you. After all, they chose your place. They appreciate your location. They dig your aesthetic. You probably have a lot in common! So, AirBNB hosts, be kind and leave a friendly welcome note. But most importantly, show them how awesome you are with a standout food gift. And if you’re lucky, they’ll leave you an AirBNB host gift.

Now that’s a five-star idea!

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