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The Best Birthday Gifts for the Gemini in Your Life

Adventurous, adaptable, witty, outgoing, the life of the party… and sometimes a little indecisive (it’s that darn two-sided twin personality). Yes, it’s your Air-ruled Gemini friend. The one who calls you at midnight, asking if you’re ready to hop a train to Philadelphia for a secret dinner they just heard about from a friend they just met in a bar. The one who wanted to go skydiving on their birthday… then actually did. The one who is always able to provide endless esoteric factoids. They may be crazy, extreme, passionate and uncontrollable, but you love them for bringing spice to your life. For your Gem of a friend, our Gemini gift guide will perfectly align with their stars...

A Gift for that Dual-Sided Gemini Friend: Sweet & Spicy Gift Box

Hot or cold, flirtatious or reserved, happy or sad... Geminis are people of extremes. Ever notice how they can never decide between going out for Chinese or Italian... or maybe Indian? Or how once they’re at the table, they have to run to find the waitstaff to change their order? Making decisions can be hard for Gemini, so give them something with the best of two extremes. A little sweet, a little spicy. Spicy honey from Brooklyn, chocolate cayenne cookies from South Carolina and more… both sides will be satisfied.

A Gift for that Adventurous Gemini Friend: Picnic in a Box

Remember when they showed up at your door with two last-minute tickets to the Yankees game? Or planned that last-minute day hike upstate? Or texted you from the park on the first warm day of the season... even though it was the middle of the workday? We know you might be a stable, steadfast Capricorn, but show them that you can be adventurous, too. Grab a boxful of small-batch picnic supplies and whisk them away.

A Gift for that Loyal Gemini Friend: Stand by Your Jam

When you first met your Gemini, you thought they didn’t like you. They seemed a bit hesitant, wavering and a little flighty. But they became the most loyal of friends. Thank them for sticking by your side with a sticky-sweet flight of our very favorite jams – from luxurious cherry-hibiscus jam to a bright apricot orange marmalade.

A Gift to Stimulate Gemini’s Mind: DIY Cold Brew Coffee Kit

Your Gemini adores a stimulating, rousing debate. And you know they’ll argue both sides of the argument by themselves. And they love when you challenge them. To keep that analytic brain buzzing, give them a boost of chicory-laced cold brew coffee and all the accessories needed to keep it cool.

A Gift for Super Smart Gemini Friend: Smart Cookies

Your Gemini is constantly learning new facts. The only thing they might love more than devouring book after book (or Wikipedia after Wikipedia) is consuming a boxful of the best small-batch cookies out there. Grade-A chocolate sables, sharp triple ginger cookies and orange pistachio shortbread. The award winning flavors will blow their mind.

A Gift for that Gemini who’s the Life of the Party: Just Add Champagne

Life is the bubbles with your Gemini around! Witty, always in-the-know of the latest party or “it” restaurant and more than willing to be the center of attention, flute in hand. Fill their glass with champagne cocktails spiked with small-batch raspberry or cherry grenadine. The only thing that’ll out-sparkle the cocktail? The Gemini in the room.

These Gemini-perfect gifts are sure to help you stay on their good side.

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