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Thanksgiving Goes Granola: 5 Crunchy Recipe Hacks

It’s no secret we love granola. In fact, when we’re not at Mouth HQ, chances are you can find some of us with our arms wrapped around trees and lacing up our Chacos for a hike. Maybe we’ll even go vegan. Okay, scratch that last part (we love bacon too much) but we do take every opportunity to get our oat fix. Especially around the holidays when we feel like we’re slumping from one food coma to the next. Introducing: a healthier hack to your Thanksgiving meal.

Appetizers? Handled. Just top baked brie with some Cashew + Coconut Granola for a sweet pop of texture. To complete this easy spread, throw some crackers and fig jam on the platter and get munching – just be careful to save room for the turkey! Added bonus: it’s a lot easier to dodge questions from your nosy aunt about your love life (or lack thereof) when you’ve got a full mouth of cheese.

Have a cousin who’s gluten-free? Let them know they can bypass the platters loaded with glutenous carbs and fill their plate with a tasty Kale Salad. Topped with granola, of course, for a added crunch. Yep, there’s something for everyone.

We start salivating the second we hear “sweet and salty.” Which is why we can’t get enough of Barely Sweet Granola on top of our mac & cheese. (Bread crumbs are so last year.) Fair warning: your arms may tire from passing this around the table again and again and again…

Does your family spend some of the meal saying what they’re thankful for? One bite and we know a good answer: these Mashed Sweet Potatoes topped with savory rosemary granola. You’ll never go back to the mini-marshmallow version. You’re welcome.

Opting for a lighter Thanksgiving dessert? Try an apple crumble, which is 90% fruit, and totally healthy when you top it with Apple Granola. Your relatives might not agree on politics (let’s not go there this year), but an empty serving dish will be evidence that they can come together on something.

Thanksgiving leftovers aren’t just for turkey sandwiches. Top your breakfast yogurt with cranberry sauce and a shake of cranberry cashew granola. Now off to the Turkey Trot!

Yeah, we’re feeling pretty thank-full.

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