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A Sweet And Savory Holiday Box To Please Everyone On Your List

We know, shopping for holiday gifts can be stressful, but we want to make it as easy – and tasty – as possible! This Holiday Sweet & Savory fix is full of crowd-pleasers that'll take care of everyone on your list, whether they’re salty, sweet, a client, Mom, Cousin Joe, or your kids… 

These expertly curated gift bags include some of our favorite sweets and savories, in two sizes:


Dark Chocolate + Toffee Pistachios – Looking like a million bucks in their green-topped tin, toasty California pistachios get a crackly toffee topping before being generously enrobed in dark chocolate. 

Savory Cheese Coins  These one-bite crisps are perfect with a glass of wine or a cocktail, but they also make fantastic instant salad croutons.

Peppermint Chocolate Bar – The classic holiday combination of crushed candy canes blended with chocolate is a treat that’s hard to beat. One bite and we’re instantly out in the snow singing carols and searching for reindeer prints. 

Chai Latte Goat Milk Caramels – It's hard to single out any one Big Picture Farm flavor as the best, but we can't help love Chai Latte Caramels. It's our favorite coffee shop order, in caramel form! 

Spiced Candied Almonds – This bewitching blend of spices isn’t maker Sarah Marx Feldner’s only secret. Somehow she’s cracked the code on both the ideal nut-to-coating ratio and how to keep the almonds snappy. She’s got a gift, people–and now you do too.

OPTION 2: MOUTHFUL (all the above, plus):

Molasses Spice Cookies – Made using an old family recipe, this chewy molasses spice cookie has the perfect amount of ginger and the sprinkled sugar adds a nice little crunch.

Mission Almond Butter – Almonds are roasted, ground, and packaged while still warm, resulting in a nut butter that is uniquely fresh and nutritious with a rich, deep flavor. 

Seascape Strawberry Jam – One spoonful of this glorious spread and we were taken right back to flavors of sun-warmed fruit and sticky berry juices.  

Red Fife Heritage Grain Crackers – Judiciously salted, thin yet sturdy and with caramelly flavors, these crackers are the perfect backdrop to the almond butter and jam.

White Truffle Popcorn – This fancy-schmancy popcorn is light and airy and sprinkled with a double-whammy of truffle-infused oil plus actual white truffle. It's absolutely the most luxurious-tasting popcorn we've come across.

A little salty, a little sweet and totally delicious, this gift bag is sure to make just about everyone on your list very, very happy. 

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