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Introducing Our Super Bowls: A Tackle-Worthy Trio With Snacks To Match

When we first saw the amazing Snack Bowl Trio of color-blocked wooden bowls, we were bowled over. We just had to fill them up. With something salty. Something sweet. Something crunchy. 

This huddle-worthy, munch-time ready Super Bowls collection includes the beautiful trio of bowls and a triple-threat of indie snacks: crispy Pimiento Cheese Kettle Chips that make it tough to go back to the mass-produced, sweet and crunchy Spiced Candied Pecans and spectacularly airy, light and slightly-sweet (but not too sweet!) Kettle Corn Popcorn.

The bowls are crafted from solid beech, walnut and cherry wood by Araya Jensen of Willful in Minnesota. She hand-dips them in rubber paint for a modern, banded effect we’d tackle for. 

The trio looks just as great sitting on the coffee table while guests huddle around the TV on Super Bowl Sunday as they do sitting on the dining room sideboard during Friday night cocktail hour.

Game day just got a whole lot prettier.

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